Who is Owen Morgan? How Old is he? Age, Career, Wiki, Net Worth

Owen Morgan is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Bert in the Netflix series, Cobra Kai. Morgan landed his professional first acting role in 2017. Off-screen he is a black belt in Karate. He is currently best friends with Nathaniel Oh who plays Nataniel.

He has appeared in over 25 episodes of the popular TV show. Owen has also appeared in multiple Cobra Kai-related pieces of media including a podcast. He is also notable for appearing in the 2022 television series Kai Toons.

How old is Owen Morgan?

Cobra Kai star Owen Morgan was born on March 9, 2004, and is eighteen years old. He has established himself as a promising actor in the film industry at such a young age. Off-screen, Morgan is a black belt in Karate.

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Owen is a man and cheese connoisseur, and he ranks all restaurants and visits by whether they serve mac and cheese and how tasty it is. He won first place in a sparring tournament several years ago. He is always keen to learn new things and seeks opportunities to sharpen his skills.

Meet Owen Morgan’s Parents

Rising Star, Morgan Owen was born to his loving parents in the United States. It is known that his mother’s family is from the United Kingdom. He has only visited three European countries and is looking forward to adding more to his list.

Morgan’s family is supportive of his career decision. The aspiring actor often references his parents on various occasions. They share a lovely bonding. His parents had a crucial role to play in his accomplishments. Morgan has also stated that his parents were behind most of his success.

Owen Morgan’s Career

Morgan made his professional acting debut as Bert in the popular series Cobra Kai, and it is the only TV show he’s done since. He was nominated for a 2021 MTV Movie and TV award after his outstanding performance. His performance as Bert is quite palpable.

Morgan has successfully attracted viewers with his charming looks and amazing acting skills. He has appeared in the podcast “Cobra Kai Kompanion”. He has earned many fans and has been working on various projects which will be released soon in the Future.

Owen Morgan on Social Media

Owen Morgan has a good fan following all over the globe as he was seen in a hit series Cobra Kai. His character was loved by many people. He has 128K+ followers on his Instagram.