Otis Perkins aka Black Tom Cruise Dies at Car accident, Fans are shocked by his Death, Cause of Death

Otis Perkins, better known as Black Tom Cruise, died on July 24. His fiancee confirmed that he had died.

Over the years, Otis had amassed a sizable following. His talent has earned him the moniker “black Tom Cruise.” The social media influencer was involved in an automobile accident on July 11. Otis was rushed to the hospital as a result of this. Unfortunately, his death was confirmed on July 24.

Otis was engaged in an automobile accident on July 11th. The social media influencer was brought to the hospital and underwent back and right eye surgery.

To assist Otis, a GoFundMe page was set up. Following the procedure, however, the social media sensation developed a high temperature and pneumonia-related lung issues. Otis’ lungs couldn’t obtain enough oxygen, according to his fiancee, Lynn Wilson, and his heart stopped beating.

Details about the memorial service have not been published as of yet. Lynn, on the other hand, stated that she will be releasing more information on the situation very soon. Otis’ family has asked privacy at this time.

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Know about Otis Perkins

Otis was a well-known athlete who was known for his deadlifts. Otis would frequently offer a glimpse of the training sessions on Instagram, where he has over 110k followers. He went so far as to encourage individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Otis also documented his growth on YouTube in addition to Instagram. ‘Black Tom Crusie,’ as the social media influencer was known, was a well-known name. Otis even had a company named after him. He created the BTC POWAA website, a motivational lifestyle site built on optimism, devotion, and strength training.

Star of social media receives tribute from fans

After the news of Otis’ death was confirmed, fans were shocked. “Damn rest in peace to black tom cruise,” one person remarked. With the hoopla and the crazy ass language, he and Larry made me love lifting all those years ago. “It’s so darn tragic to die at such a young age.”

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Another added: “RIP Otis “Black Tom Cruise” Perkins. Me and my workout partner almost always imitate his motivational shouts and mannerisms while training. Only 39. Lost a good influence in the fitness community.”