NileRed Wiki: Age Net worth, Ethnicity & Brother

Nigel Braun aka NileRed, a Canadian chemist and science communicator, was born on September 7, 1991, which means he is currently 31 years old. He resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he conducts his work and pursues his passion for science. Nigel is known for his popular YouTube channel called NileRed, where he shares educational and engaging content related to chemistry and various scientific experiments.

Additionally, he actively maintains social media accounts to interact with his audience and spread scientific knowledge. Nigel’s dedication to making science accessible and interesting has garnered him a significant following and established him as a prominent figure in the science communication community. In this blog, we will have a closer look at some of the interesting facts about NileRed that you may be unaware of.

NileRed comes from a mixed background

NileRed has a mixed heritage, as he comes from both German and Japanese backgrounds. This diverse cultural background may have influenced his perspective and experiences, contributing to his unique approach to presenting scientific content and engaging with his audience.

NileRed Early Age

He holds a degree in Biochemistry

Nigel has a degree in Biochemistry, specializing in the study of living organisms, and he also took additional courses in Pharmacology, which focuses on the effects of drugs on the body.

He left his post-graduation to focus on his YouTube Channel

After completing his degree, Nigel worked as a laboratory technician in a lab that focused on organic chemistry, which deals with the study of carbon compounds. He then decided to pursue post-graduate studies in applied chemistry, but he left the program before finishing it.

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Nigel made this decision in order to dedicate more time and effort to his YouTube channel, where he shares his knowledge and passion for science with a wide audience.

He started making an Instructional series video after his first video went viral

Nigel’s first video featured him explaining and demonstrating the popular Pharaoh’s Serpent firework. The video gained significant attention and went viral. As a result, Nigel made a significant decision to transform his YouTube channel into a dedicated platform for teaching and providing instruction on scientific and chemistry-related topics.

He decided to focus solely on creating educational content that would engage and educate his audience about various scientific concepts and chemistry-related subjects. This choice was inspired by the positive response and interest generated by his initial video, motivating him to continue sharing his knowledge through instructional videos.

NileRed also has a second YouTube Channel

Nigel also has a second YouTube channel called NileBlue, which has attracted a substantial following of 1.54 million subscribers. On NileBlue, Nigel covers a wide range of science-related vlogs, sharing informative content and insights on various scientific topics. In addition to that, he emphasizes the importance of lab safety, providing valuable guidance and tips to ensure safe practices in laboratory environments.

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The channel has gained significant viewership, with an approximate total of 85 million views across all the videos. Nigel’s commitment to delivering engaging science content and promoting safety measures has contributed to the popularity and success of his NileBlue channel.

His old videos were removed from YouTube

NileRed has experienced challenges with some of his oldest videos, as they have repeatedly been flagged and striked by YouTube. As a result, these videos were removed from his channel. It is not uncommon for content creators to face issues with YouTube’s policies or community guidelines, leading to strikes or the removal of certain videos.

Despite these challenges, NileRed has continued to produce engaging and educational content, focusing on topics that comply with YouTube’s guidelines to ensure the longevity and success of his channel.

NileRed works alongside his brother and friends

NileRed, along with his father, took on the project of building a laboratory in his own house. They worked together to set up the necessary equipment and create a space where scientific experiments and research could be conducted. Additionally, NileRed’s brother and friends are actively involved in his lab, working alongside him.

NileRed Friends and Brother

They contribute their skills, knowledge, and support to the scientific endeavors taking place in the lab. This collaborative effort with his family and friends allows NileRed to explore and delve deeper into the world of science within the comfort of his own home.

Nigel had a passion for Chemistry from the young age of 8

Nigel’s passion for chemistry began at a young age, as he started conducting experiments on his own when he was just 8 years old. One of his early experiments involved extracting capsaicin and capsaicinoids, the compounds responsible for the spiciness in hot chili peppers and ghost peppers. This exploration allowed him to dive into the world of chemical compounds and their properties.

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As he grew older, Nigel continued to pursue his passion for experimentation. He worked on projects such as zinc plating and even attempted to create thermite, a highly reactive mixture used for various applications. These hands-on experiences further deepened his love for chemistry, as he gained practical knowledge and developed a deeper understanding of chemical reactions.

NileRed earns a good sum of the amount

NileRed, as of current estimates, has a net worth of approximately $2 million. NileRed’s YouTube videos and social media content have garnered a substantial following, allowing him to reach and engage with a large audience.

According to Socialblade NileRed earns $1.9K – $30.9K monthly from YouTube and earns around $23.2K – $371.2K annually.

NileRed Net worth

His main goal has always been to showcase the intrinsic beauty of chemistry while delivering knowledge in an entertaining and captivating manner. NileRed also collaborates with different partners, which has helped him increase his professional earnings. One notable platform where he frequently appears is the Trash Taste podcast channel on YouTube, where he takes part in discussions on a variety of science-related topics.

He is actively seen on social media platforms

NileRed maintains an active presence on Instagram and Twitter, connecting with his audience through these platforms as well. On Instagram, he has gathered a following of 542,000+ followers, where he shares updates, behind-the-scenes content, and engaging visuals related to his scientific pursuits.

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Similarly, on Twitter, he has a following of 111.4K+ followers, using the platform to share insights, engage in discussions, and provide additional updates to his fans and followers. These social media channels allow NileRed to interact with his audience, share his passion for science, and keep them informed about his latest projects and content.