Nikoline Bohr Biography: Does she have any Wikipedia page?

Nikoline Bohr is a 33 years old treasure hunter who is featured in the television series “Beyond Oak Island.” She is originally from Denmark and comes from a family of treasure hunters. She has been interested in treasure hunting since she was a child and has pursued it as a career.

Nikoline Bohr has a unique approach to treasure hunting. She uses her expertise in archaeology and her knowledge of historical artifacts to search for lost treasures. She also uses advanced technology such as metal detectors and ground-penetrating radar to aid in her search.

In “Beyond Oak Island,” Nikoline Bohr joins the Lagina brothers and other treasure hunters as they explore various locations in North America in search of hidden treasures. She brings a fresh perspective to the team and has been instrumental in uncovering new leads and clues.

Full real birth NameNikoline Bohr
ProfessionBlogger, Scientist, and Historian 
Nationality English
Age33 years 
Resident London, England
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Social sites Instagram
Wikipedia Not Available

Nikoline Bohr’s appearance on Beyond Oak Island

On November 8, 2022, Nikoline Bohr made a notable appearance in the seventh episode of the third season of Beyond Oak Island. This show is a spin-off of the main show, and it features Matty Blake as the host, who is a close friend of Marty and Rick Lagina. The premise of the show is to explore various treasure locations and gather information about them. Each episode features a different expert or treasure hunter who accompanies Matty on the voyage.

Nikoline was chosen for this episode because of her extensive skills in treasure hunting and her specialization in gold. She is also a member of the Ring Finders, a group dedicated to assisting in the recovery of lost jewelry and valuables made of various metals and gold.

Nikoline’s appearance on the show was a surprise for many fans, who were taken aback by her exceptional beauty, which contrasted with the demanding and often dirty nature of her job. She made a strong impression on viewers with her impressive knowledge and captivating personality.

NIkoline Bohr First Got attention after The New York Times covered her story

Nikoline has gained a significant amount of attention and following due to her profession as a fortune locater. Even prior to her appearance on the show, she was making waves in the industry. Her name first surfaced in The New York Times when they wrote an article about her and others who were involved in the growing trend of ring finding and fortune hunting.

Nikoline Bohr in The New York Times

The article put Nikoline in the spotlight, not only by revealing her age but also by featuring her as the main image and including several quotes from the fortune locater herself. With this significant coverage from The New York Times and her subsequent appearance on the Oak Island spin-off, Nikoline has gained a considerable following.

Nikoline is a Ring Finder

Aside from her appearance on the show, Nikoline works with the Ring Finders in the Nantucket region, off the coast of Rhode Island. She has been a member of the organization since 2020 and has received numerous glowing reviews from satisfied clients on the Ring Finders website.

Her contribution to the group has been tremendous, and she has successfully helped numerous individuals in finding their lost treasures with the help of a device called a fortune locator.

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The people she has helped have all written glowing testimonials about her excellent work on the Ring Locators website.

Nikoline also has her own website, where she discusses the morals of metal detecting and can be contacted by visitors. Additionally, she occasionally models for her Instagram page and independent runways, showcasing her beauty and charm to the world.

Nikoline Bohar first began using a metal detector in her backyard with her friend Karen Russell

Bohr moved to Nantucket year-round nearly three years ago after visiting every summer during her childhood. With a bachelor’s degree in physics, she first began using a metal detector in her backyard in search of meteorites but was amazed by all of the other items she discovered. By chance, she also found a friend who was interested in getting her hands dirty.

Nikoline Bohr with her Friend Karen Russell

Karen Russell joined Bohr in roaming the many yards and hillsides of Nantucket in search of tiny, sacred artifacts. Russell and Bohr always ask permission to hunt on private properties, what they call “good dirt.” Bohr says her background in science, especially in the areas of soil mineralization and its effect on metals, has helped identify promising dig locations.

FAQs about Nikoline Bohr

How old is Nikoline Bohr? 

As of 2023, Nikoline Bohr is 33 years old. 

What is Nikoline Bohr’s nationality?

Nikoline Bohr is of English Nationality. 

Is Nikoline Bohr on social media?

Nickys_digs is Nikoline’s Instagram handle where she has 23.2k+ followers.