Things You Need to Know About Actress Nikohl Boosheri

Known for her roles as Adena El-Amin on Freeform’s The Bold Type, Nikohl Boosheri is an actress hailing from Canada.

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Nikohl Boosheri was originally born in Pakistan

Boosheri 34 years old was born to Iranian parents in Pakistan while they were trying to escape Iran. She was born on September 3, 1988.

At the age of two months, her family moved to Canada, she holds Canadian nationality. She hasn’t traveled to Iran yet, she converses in Persian and English.

She faced Racism and Drop Out of the School

Growing up in Ontario, Boosheri faced racism as the only person of color in her primary school. Despite this, she continued to pursue her passion for acting, eventually making her way to Vancouver, British Columbia, to study at an acting school.

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Boosheri ultimately dropped out of school, but she didn’t let that setback deter her from pursuing her dream. Instead, she used it as motivation to work even harder and to overcome the obstacles in her path.

Her Mother is a Fierce and Soft Role Model for Nikohl

Nikohl Boosheri, the accomplished Canadian actress, has always been in awe of her mother’s strength and grace. Growing up, Boosheri’s mother helped raise her four younger siblings while studying to become one of the first female airline technicians in the Iranian Air Force. Despite living through a revolution and war, she had faith that leaving her home country and building a new life in Canada would provide a better life for her daughter and herself.

Nikohl Boosheri Mother

She studied English and worked multiple jobs to make a life for her family. Despite facing resistance and discrimination, she never faltered and continued to welcome those in need into her home with open arms. Above all else, she fought for her freedom and independence, showing her daughter and those around her the value of self-determination.

Nikohl Boosheri is Dating Mo Smesme

Nikohl Boosheri is in a relationship with musician Mo Smesme, who is the owner of Clocks plus Colors and has a Non-University Certificate/Diploma in the Music Business. The couple has reportedly been dating for over six years

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Nikohl Boosheri’s partner is a Musician

Musician Mo Smesme is the partner of Canadian actress Nikohl Boosheri. He is the owner of a music store called Clocks plus Colors and is heavily invested in heavy metal music. Mo has experience in fine dining, fast-paced environments, menu development, money handling, and staff scheduling, and is TIPS certified.

Nikohl Boosheri Boyfriend

He previously worked as a bartender at Spare Tire Kitchen & Tavern, where he honed his skills in the service industry. Despite being in a relationship with Nikohl Boosheri for over six years, the couple has not publicly confirmed their relationship.

Nikohl Boosheri and Mo Smesme aren’t very open about their relationship

Nikohl Boosheri and Mo Smesme are in a relationship, however, they have not publicly confirmed it. They have reportedly been dating for over six years, but have kept their relationship largely private, with Mo not posting any photos of them together on social media.

Despite being private about their relationship, they have been rumored to be dating, since 2018 Nikohl Boosheri sent birthday wishes to Mo Smesme and in 2019, Nikohl Boosheri thanked Mo Smesme and everyone else for helping to make her birthday great.

She has a tattoo

She has several tattoos on her body, we found out that she has 8 total tattoos on her body, each one holding a special meaning to her.

One of the tattoos that Boosheri has is a crescent moon tattoo on her left upper arm. This tattoo symbolizes her connection to the natural world and the cycles of life, also Boosheri has a Small paper plane tattoo on the same spot a little bit lower than her moon tattoo (left forearm). The small paper plane tattoo on her left forearm represents her desire to explore and experience new things.

Nikohl Boosheri Tattoo

Moving on to her Right hand she has 3 tattoos, although the meaning of these tattoos is not known, it’s likely that it holds a personal significance to her.

However, she has also had 2 tattoos on her both legs thigh

Nikohl Boosheri is an Accomplished Actress

Nikohl Boosheri is a Canadian actress, known for her role as Adena El-Amin on Freeform’s The Bold Type. She made her film debut in Circumstance, which took home the audience prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and since then has received numerous accolades for her performances.

Boosheri’s performance in Circumstance earned her Best Performance awards from three film festivals: LA Outfest, International Rome Film Festival, and Noor Film Festival.

In 2013, she was chosen by IndieWires as one of the 10 Actors to Watch at the Tribeca Film Festival for her performance in Meera Menon’s Farah Goes Bang.

Her talent has not gone unnoticed and she has had a number of appearances in various television shows and films. She starred as Sara in The Persian Connection and Rogue on DirectTV. She has a busy year ahead and will be seen in a variety of roles on different networks in the fall.

Nikohl Boosheri is an active social media user

Nikohl Boosheri is an active social media user, particularly on Instagram. She has a well-managed account under the handle @boosheri and has 151k followers.

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She is verified, follows 1.1k people, and has made 889 posts to date. Her account is a mix of personal moments, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her acting projects, and positive messages to her fans.

Nikohl Boosheri’s net worth is over $5 million

According to sources, Nikohl Boosheri’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2023.

Her primary source of income is her career as an actress, which has been on an upward trajectory since her debut in Circumstance.