Who is Nick Kici? Meet Too Hot To Handle S4 Contestant, Age, Wiki, Height, Family

Nick Kici (January 7, 1994, Age 28 years old) is an artist and a model who as well made his debut in Netflix’s show, ‘Too hot to handle’.

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Nick Kici shows up as a contestant for the 4th season of Netflix’s ‘Too hot to Handle’.

Few dating shows in this category are as well-liked as Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle.” The show gives its viewers the possibility to develop sincere relationships and emotional bonds. The amount of money they will win at the end of their stay will be reduced if they engage in any sexual activity. The limitation only increases the number of steamy scenes in the show.

On the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle, Nick Kici is one of the most spiritual participants. This delicate artist has an endearing grin and is a seasoned traveler. Nick has been in over ten relationships, so he’s no stranger to love, but he’s still having trouble finding the right one. This season, Lana might be able to help him make a change.

Earlier life of Nick Kici, Where is he from? What about the family members

Nick, who is 28 years old, was born a Capricorn on January 7, 1994. He is from a small Michigan town, according to his official Netflix bio, even though he apparently now resides in Los Angeles.

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Nick Kici Career and Before Fame

Professional artist and model Nick Kici have a strong portfolio. He reportedly instructs people in yoga and shares his understanding of the spiritual realm. Nick has contributed to a number of important projects over the years.

In fact, he plays the role of Taylor, a waiter, in Leigh Whannell’s upcoming film “The Invisible Man” (2020). The reality TV star also makes an appearance in a brief eyewear brand Knotwtr modeling video. Alongside Jordyn Renee, he was also depicted on the cover of Desnudó magazine.

Who is Nick Kici’s girlfriend? Does he date anyone before THTHS4

Nick Kici’s dating history was nothing short of impressive when he entered the reality show, has been a part of over 10 relationships. He had yet to make a real connection with anyone, though. Nick appeared to have forged a sincere bond with Jawahir Khalifa, the 22-year-old model from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, while they were in the lovely retreat.

Their relationship appeared to have flourished inside the house and was one of the season’s main plot points.

While they appear to be friendly considering their relationship on the show, Nick and Jawahir do not appear to follow one another on social media. They have, however, been rather complimentary to one another on social media.

Fans are hopeful the two are still together given their strong and intense bond on the dating reality show. But neither of them has made any public declarations about their relationship. So long as neither of the two confirms otherwise, we assume Nick is content with his single existence.

Is Nick Kici on any social media? His Instagram Profile

Nick Kici is on Instagram as @nickkici with 6.4k followers.

Nick Kici Instagram photo on the swimming pool

Deep Inhales

Source: Instagram

She’s a inhalation of fresh air
After a rainy night,
A dive into the water
During a summer heatwave,
A drive in the late hours of the night
with no destination,
A dream in her motion,
Love in her breath,
Her words like a breeze,
So gentle and free,
Im losing my mind when thoughts of her breathe 🌧

Source: Instagram


Source: Instagram

My life is like a speaker,
Broadcasting to the masses,

I’m running up the bleachers,
No handouts or free passes,

This isn’t Monopoly money,
But this s*it feels like a game,

It’s all the same, it’s all the same, it’s all the same –


Source: Instagram
Nick Kici Instagram Photo

Damn, my throat hurts.
36 hour fast followed by a juice cleanse, starting now. 😪
Wish me luck&love

Source: Instagram

FAQs about Nick Kici

Who is Nick Kici?

Nick Kici is a Too Hot To Handle competitor from Michigan who will light up the screen when the show premieres shortly. Despite the fact that he has been in more than 10 unsuccessful relationships,

How old is Nick?

Nick is 28 years old as of 2022.

When was he born?

Nick was born on January 7, 1994.

Is Nick Kici dated anyone before?

Nick Kici’s dating history was nothing short of impressive when he entered the reality show, having been a part of over 10 relationships.

Full biography and Quick info

Full real birth NameNick Kici
ProfessionModel, actor, and a TV personality,
Age28 years
BirthdayJanuary 7, 1994

Relationship and private life.

Relationship statusSingle