Inside Morgan Saylor & Ben Rosenfield’s Relationship

Morgan Saylor is an actress who hails from the United States. Famously known for her on the series Homeland a Showtime as Dana Brody. Let’s explore the relationship between Morgan Saylor and Ben Rosenfield. From their on-screen chemistry to their off-screen romance.

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Meet Homeland a Showtime series Actress, Morgan Saylor

Morgan Saylor who is known for her role as Dana Brody in Homeland a Showtime series, has succeeded in winning the hearts of people through her very amazing acting no matter what role she is given.

Through community theater and summer camps, Saylor got her start in acting. She went to Los Angeles for the summer when she was in fourth grade and landed her first professional gig as young Meadow in the HBO smash The Sopranos. In 2009’s Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Helper, Saylor portrayed Annie, and in 2010’s Father of Invention, she played a young Claire.

Saylor made her stage debut at the Manhattan Theatre Club in June 2014 as Penny, opposite Cherry Jones and Zoe Kazan in Pam MacKinnon’s production of Sarah Treem’s play When We Were Young and Unafraid. She portrayed Gracie Highsmith in Carter Smith’s 2014 film Jamie Marks Is Dead, which was a remake of Christopher Barzak’s 2007 book One for Sorrow.

Morgan Saylor was raised by a single Father

An American actress Morgan Saylor was born on October 26, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. Her father, who is now divorced from her mom, performs renovations for Starbucks, and her mother, works at REI. At the ages of two and ten, Saylor relocated to Villa Rica and Decatur, Georgia, respectively.

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In order to pursue her acting career, Morgan Saylor relocated to New York after graduating from Decatur High School in May 2013. In between roles, she spent a few years attending the University of Chicago, nevertheless, she has been enrolled at the Columbia University School of General Studies since 2021.

Saylor has a tiny anchor tattoo behind her left ear, whereas her elder brother has a larger, more similar anchor inked on his forearm. Saylor competed on a top-ranked national rock climbing team when she was a youngster.

Morgan Saylor’s boyfriend, Ben Rosenfield is an actor

Ben Rosenfield, who is dating Morgan Saylor, is a professional actor. In 2013, Ben debuted as an actor in the Penn Badgley film Greetings from Tim Buckley.

Ben, who was born on August 1st, 1992, spent his childhood in Montclair, New Jersey. In 2010, Ben graduated from Montclair High School.

Morgan Saylor Boyfriend Ben Rosenfield

His mother, Katherine Mathilde, is a theatrical actor, and his father, Stephen Rosenfield, founded the American Comedy Institute in New York City. He is Jewish, and his family has ancestors from Scotland, Denmark, Ukraine, and Romania.

Ben Rosenfield’s Career as an Actor and a Singer

Ben Rosenfield received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination in 2014 for his outstanding performance in Boardwalk Empire. Rosenfield has contributed to 2014 films including Affluenza.

With his collaboration with Willie Thompson on the fourth and fifth seasons of HBO’s historical crime drama Boardwalk Empire in 2013–2014, Ben Rosenfield reached new heights. Nonetheless, he made his theatrical debut in the Off-Broadway production of Ingmar Bergman’s film Through a Glass Darkly.

Ben is a writer and musician in addition to being an actor. Also, he sings, plays the guitar and harmonica, and even composed a song to help him get into character for 6 Years. He began playing for performances at clubs in New York City in December 2014 after releasing an EP titled Field on Bandcamp.

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In February 2017, he released Dumdie on Bandcamp, his second full-length album. Rosenfield’s song “Angel in the Sky” was used in the Mickey and the Bear film score. He also collaborated on a number of songs for the Song One film with Jenny Lewis.

The books by Ben that have received the most attention include Louder Than Words (2013), A Most Violent Year (2014), Song One (2014), Irrational Man (2015), Indignation (2016), Twin Peaks (2017), and Mrs. America (2020).

Is Ben dating his co-star Taissa Farmiga?

There has been Rumour among fans regarding the nature of the relationship between actors Ben Rosenfield and Taissa Farmiga. As the two young actors shared screen time in the 2015 romantic drama film “6 Years” where they played a young couple approaching their sixth anniversary. While they were praised for their chemistry in the movie, rumors about their relationship status have been circulating since the film’s release.

But it was soon found out that the two actors are simply good friends and nothing more. As a matter of fact, Ben Has been in a long-term relationship with actress Morgan Saylor since 2012.

In fact, Taissa Farmiga has spoken up about their relationship in several interviews, confirming that they are just friends who share a great bond due to having met early on in their careers. Farmiga has mentioned that it was nerve-wracking at first working in a new territory, but Rosenfield helped her through it and they both had a great time making the movie.

Morgan Saylor’s Relationship with her longterm boyfriend Ben Rosenfield

Saylor is a sensation who has made a large fan base through her acting talent and on-screen presence. Morgan is in a very happy and healthy relationship with her boyfriend, Ben Rosenfield. Let’s take a closer look at their relationship.

The beautiful couple start dating in 2012, she was enjoying her young life with her successful boyfriend in July 2014. In an interview conducted by fashion company ASOS, Saylor was asked a few personal questions and it was revealed that Saylor has a boyfriend, the couple had been living together in New York City for some time, sharing a home with Saylor’s brother.


“It’s a good time to be Morgan Saylor – new home, exciting work and endless possibilities. ‘I like being young, she says. ‘I like living with my boyfriend and my brother, running around New York.”

Saylor reavled that she has a boyfriend on the Interview by ASOS

Ben Rosenfield and Morgan Saylor have starred in a movie together, where Ben and Morgan worked on the film You Mean Everything to Me.

There is little to no information available about her past romantic relationships. Saylor has managed to keep her personal life largely private, with few details about her dating history making their way into the public eye. Morgan Rosenfield and Morgan Saylor on social media.

Morgan Saylor and Ben Rosenfield

The couple seems really happy with each other, they usually posted each other photos on Instagram. One such post was by Ben, where he shared a photo of himself with Saylor, captioning it “Now playing NYC.”

The couple loves to travel the world. Ben and Morgan traveled to Venice for a holiday, and Morgan shared numerous pictures of them exploring the city.

She claimed that this is a great moment to be Morgan Saylor and that she enjoys being young. She loves racing around New York City, having endless opportunities and fascinating employment, and living with her boyfriend and brother in their new home.