Mary Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy’s relationship, and her Dating History over the past years

Discover the ups and downs of Mary-Kate Olsen romantic life with her highly publicized marriage to French banker Olivier Sarkozy and their subsequent divorce, and from her past relationships with Max Winkler, David Katzenberg, Stavros Niarchos, Heath Ledger, and others, this article covers it all. Find out the details of her dating history, the reasons for her divorce, and her current relationship status. Whether you’re a fan of the Olsen twins or just curious about celebrity relationships.

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Mary-Kate Olsen is an American entrepreneur, fashion designer, equestrian, and former actress. Nine months after her birth, she made her acting debut in the television series Full House, co-starring with her twin sister Ashley Olsen in the role of Michelle Tanner. Additionally, they co-starred in many movies.

Mary-Kate Olsen Love Life, Current/Previous

Mary-Kate was previously married to French banker Olivier Sarkozy, but the couple’s relationship ended in 2021. The two were married for five years, and their divorce was highly publicized in the media. Since then, Mary-Kate has not been romantically linked to anyone, and she is currently not engaged in any sort of relationship.

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Mary-Kate Olsen’s Dating History over the past years

Mary-Kate Olsen, the former child star turned fashion designer, has had her fair share of relationships. Here is a breakdown of her dating history, from her high school sweetheart to her ex-husband.

Max Winkler (2002)

In 2002, Mary-Kate Olsen briefly dated Max Winkler, an American film director, and screenwriter. Despite their brief romance, the two have remained friends over the years.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Max Winkler

David Katzenberg (2003-2004)

Mary-Kate’s longest relationship was with David Katzenberg, a film producer, and her high school sweetheart. The two dated for over a year. From June 2003 to August 2004, before breaking up just before they both went off to college.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend David Katzenberg

Ali Fatourechi (2004)

In 2004, Mary-Kate had a short-lived romance with Ali Fatourechi, the founder of Genetic Denim. The two were only together for a few months, but they remained on good terms after their split.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Ali Fatourechi

Stavros Niarchos (2005-2007)

Mary-Kate’s relationship with Greek socialite Stavros Niarchos was highly publicized in the media. The two started dating in 2005 and got engaged in 2006, but they ultimately split in 2007.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Stavros Niarchos

Max Snow (2006-2007)

British socialite Max Snow, who is the heir to the de Menil oil fortune, was romantically linked to Mary-Kate from October 2006 to April 2007. While their relationship didn’t last long, the two have remained friends.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Max Snow

Heath Ledger (2007-2008)

There were rumors that Mary-Kate dated Australian actor Heath Ledger. The couple dated in the months leading up to his death in January 2008. However, neither party confirmed the relationship.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Heath Ledger

Lapo Elkann (2008)

In 2008, Mary-Kate was rumored to be dating Italian businessman Lapo Elkann. The two were seen together at several events, but their relationship was never officially confirmed.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Lapo Elkann

Nate Lowman (2008-2010)

New York City artists Nate Lowman and Mary-Kate dated for over a year, from October 2008 to February 2010. The two were often seen out and about together and even collaborated on an art exhibition.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Nate Lowman

Dustin Yellin (2011)

In 2011, Mary-Kate was rumored to have had a fling with contemporary artist Dustin Yellin. However, the relationship was never confirmed.

Mary Kate Olsen Boyfriend Dustin Yellin

Olivier Sarkozy (2012-2021)

Mary-Kate’s most high-profile relationship was with French businessman Olivier Sarkozy, who is the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The two started dating in 2012 and got engaged in 2014. They tied the knot in 2015 but ultimately divorced in 2021.

Mary Kate Olsen’s relationship timeline with Oliver Sarkozy

Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen’s love story began in 2012, and they kept their romance under the radar for the majority of their eight-year relationship. When the two were spotted out and about in New York City, it was typically at exclusive events or sporting occasions.

The fashion designer and the French banker tied the knot in 2015, and their wedding was a lavish affair. However, reports suggest that disagreements about their respective lifestyles, careers, and desires for children ultimately led to their split.

Mary Kate Olsen ex-husband and Oliver Sarkozy

In early 2020, Olsen filed for divorce, but the legal proceedings dragged on for nearly a year. Despite the challenges they faced, both Olsen and Sarkozy conducted themselves with grace and dignity throughout the entire process, respecting each other’s privacy and keeping the details of their separation largely under wraps.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy first meet (April 2012)

It’s said that Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen’s paths crossed for the first time at a party back in 2012. A source close to the couple shared with Entertainment Tonight that the fashion mogul, then 33 years old, was initially drawn to the French banker’s outgoing and sociable personality.

Mary Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy First Meet

Their early dates were a mix of exciting activities and quiet moments together. They were spotted horseback riding in the picturesque Hamptons, and also enjoyed late-night meals at the popular Japanese restaurant, Nobu. The insider also revealed that the two shared a strong work ethic and a passion for intellectual pursuits.

The first paparazzi photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy together (November 2012)

in November 2012 when the pair was spotted at a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Another notable appearance was at the New York Academy of Art’s Take Home a Nude fundraiser in October 2013. Which became a memorable date night for the couple. Olsen and Sarkozy attended the event again in both 2014 and 2017.

Mary Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy first Paparazzi Photo

 The source notes that Olsen is an introvert and much more of a homebody than Sarkozy, who is very charismatic and more social. 

Mary-Kate Olsen Ring and engaged with Olivier Sarkozy (March 2014)

In March 2014, Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted wearing a sizable ring on her left hand. While out and about in New York City. Shortly after, PEOPLE reported that the Elizabeth and James designer was engaged to Olivier Sarkozy.

Mary Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy Engagement Ring

According to a source close to the couple at the time, they had been enjoying their engagement in private for a while before the news became public knowledge. The insider revealed that the couple had even taken a trip to Jamaica to celebrate their new status.

Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen got married (November 2015)

In November 2015, Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen tied the knot in a small and private ceremony at a residence in New York City. Bob Saget, Olsen’s on-screen father, and Full House co-star, confirmed the news during an appearance on the Today show.

The wedding was an intimate affair, with only about 50 guests in attendance. According to sources, guests were asked to turn off their cell phones before entering the event, and there were bowls filled with cigarettes for everyone to smoke throughout the night.

Mary Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy Marriage

After the wedding, the Olsen sisters opened up about their personal and professional lives in an interview with Net-A-Porter’s PORTER magazine. Mary-Kate spoke about the importance of finding time to relax and recharge, especially since she had a busy life outside of her work as a designer. She also had a husband and two stepdaughters to care for, as well as hobbies like horseback riding.

“We’re lucky [working hard] comes quite naturally for us,” “We don’t need so much time to sit and think and ponder. But then I have a husband, two step-kids, and a life; I have to go home and cook dinner. I ride horses on the weekends. You find the thing that helps you relax and if you don’t have it, you have to look for it. Or you get burned out and then you’re not productive.”

 Olsen told the outlet.

Final public appearance (May 18, 2019)

Amidst their eight-year-long relationship, Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen seemed happy and content with each other, often appearing at social events and enjoying their time together. In May 2019, they were spotted sharing a private moment at the International Global Champions Tour in Madrid, looking at ease in each other’s company.

According to sources, the couple never stayed in one place for too long during their marriage. They moved from the East Village to a rental property downtown before finally settling down in their dream home – a townhouse in Midtown East. The pair invested a lot of time and effort into renovating the house, making it their perfect abode.

However, despite their efforts to build a life together, they eventually came to the realization that they had irreconcilable differences, leading to their decision to file for divorce.

Mary Kate and Oliver Sarkozy’s divorce (2020)

Mary-Kate Olsen’s divorce from Olivier Sarkozy was a highly publicized affair, and insiders have since revealed why the couple split after four and a half years of marriage. One source claimed that the couple’s indecision about having children was a significant factor in the split, with Olsen’s priorities shifting towards starting a family.

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Another source suggested that Olsen’s unwavering dedication to her successful career may have been a point of contention in the relationship. Despite the reasons for their divorce, Olsen has since moved on and is currently not involved in any romantic relationships.

Mary-Kate Olsen files for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy on (April 17, 2020)

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Mary-Kate Olsen filed for divorce from her husband, French banker Olivier Sarkozy, on April 17, 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the New York courts have only been accepting divorce applications in extreme circumstances.

Despite this, Olsen claims that she received an email from Sarkozy’s attorneys requesting that she vacate their New York City condominium by May 18.

She has requested an extension until May 30 due to the city’s stay-at-home requirements but alleges that Sarkozy has not responded and secretly terminated their lease. To safeguard her property, Olsen could have requested a divorce, which would have triggered a court injunction prohibiting Sarkozy from disposing of her property.

Mary Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy Divorce

She has also requested that their prenuptial agreement be upheld in the divorce case. Reports indicate that the divorce has become quite heated and that Olsen is ready to move on from the constant drama in her life.

As news of the divorce emerged in May 2020, an insider shared with E! News that the split had turned into a bitter and contentious legal battle. The source mentioned that Mary-Kate was tired of the constant drama and that the divorce had become “heated.”

Fortunately for the fashion designer, her financial assets appear to be protected, as she had an “iron-clad” prenuptial agreement in place with Olivier before their wedding.

A plea for an immediate divorce settlement (May 13, 2020)

Mary-Kate Olsen’s attempt to speed up her divorce from Olivier Sarkozy due to the pandemic was denied by a New York judge in May 2020. She had filed for an emergency order as she was concerned about losing her New York City apartment. However, the judge deemed the request “not essential” and stated that a desire for a divorce was not an emergency, unlike situations involving domestic violence or the withholding of healthcare.

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Olsen eventually filed for divorce the day after the courts resumed operations following the pandemic shutdown. The electronic filing system in New York City’s five boroughs reopened later in May and began accepting new litigation and divorce files, even those deemed non-essential, according to Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks.

Mary-Kate Olsen is spotted For the first time since her split with Olivier Sarkozy (July 10, 2020)

Mary-Kate Olsen was finally spotted for the first time since filing for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy on July 10, 2020. She was seen exiting the office she shares with her twin sister in New York City.

Later on August 3, 2020, Olsen was seen in the Hamptons exiting Tutto il Giorno. These are the only two times the designer for The Row has been pictured in public since her split from Sarkozy.

Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen settle their divorce (January 2021)

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy put an end to their divorce proceedings in January 2021. The details of the settlement have not been made public. Sources say that the agreement was reached amicably, and both parties are ready to move on. Entertainment Tonight reported that the former couple is looking forward to beginning the next chapter of their lives separately.