Maggie Dent Family Life with her Beloved Husband & four Sons

Maggie Dent is an Australian parenting and resilience educator, author, and speaker. She is known for her practical, common-sense approach to pa

Maggie Dent is an Australian parenting and resilience educator, author, and speaker. She is known for her practical, common-sense approach to parenting, as well as her focus on building resilience in children and young people.

Dent has authored several books, including “Real Kids in an Unreal World,” “Mothering Our Boys,” and “Boys: Getting it Right.” She has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs in Australia and around the world and has developed a reputation as a leading expert on parenting and child development.

Maggie Dent is Commonly known as the queen of common sense

Maggie Dent popularly known as the “queen of common sense,” is a well-liked parenting author and educator in Australia. She is an indisputable “boy champion,” with a focus on early life, adolescence, and resilience.

Maggie has expertise working in palliative care, burial services, counseling, teaching, and preventing suicide. Maggie is a supporter of raising kids in a healthy, sensible manner in order to strengthen families and communities. She is an enthusiastic, upbeat advocate for kids of all ages.

Maggie Dent was raised alongside her siblings

Maggie Debt was born on March 28, 1955. Dent was raised alongside her five brothers and sisters on a sheep and wheat farm near Wandering, Western Australia, where she was born. The siblings assisted on the farm, and Dent says that being on a farm and caring for animals gave her a perspective on life and death.

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Maggie Dent originally planned to study journalism

Dent went to boarding school and then university in Western Australia, where she changed her mind about studying journalism and instead chose to pursue teaching. In addition to being a teacher, she also got into palliative care and started working as a counselor, suicide prevention specialist, and funeral celebrant.

Maggie Dent has been married for 25 years to her second husband

Maggie Dent and her second husband, Steve, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on January 18, 2023. The couple enjoyed a romantic evening at a high-end restaurant commemorating their milestone. Maggie and Steve reside in New South Wales and lead a wealthy lifestyle.

On Steve’s 60th birthday, Maggie sent him a heartfelt card expressing her appreciation for his marital skills and wishing him a happy birthday. She wrote”

Maggie Dent Husband Steve

Today is my good bloke and fabulous husband Steve’s 60th birthday. He is so many things in my life – caring step dad, my favourite cook, chauffeur, product manager, logistical officer and constant companion. He is also my absolute rock who supports me in everything I do – I am so grateful and blessed to have him as my partner and best friend. Have a fabbo day babe!

Source: Facebook

Maggie expressed her gratitude for having Steve as her husband and best friend who supports her in all her endeavors. Their 25 years of marriage have been filled with love, happiness, and prosperity, and the couple looks forward to many more years together.

Maggie Dent is the Mother of Four sons from her previous Marriage

Maggie’s second husband’s name is Steve. However, Nothing is available about her First marriage or husband but Her previous marriage had resulted in four children. Dent grew up around boys, then raised four sons of her own before meeting her second husband Steve.

Maggie Dent Four Sons

Maggie Dent is a resident of New South Wales

Maggie Dent lives in New South Wales with her husband and their two sons. She moved to New South Wales, Australia, where she and Steve lived a wonderful and satisfied life together after marriage. She is pleased to be the mother of the four sons of her first union.

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All of her children have grown up and started their own households. Numerous children currently call Maggie their grandmother. As a pair, they spend time together. Over the years, Steve has been a loving stepfather to his stepsons.

Maggie Dent is one of Australia’s best-selling authors

Maggie Dent, the celebrated author and parenting expert, is known worldwide for her exceptional parenting advice and her practical approach to raising children. With an impressive repertoire of 15 books on child-rearing to her name, Maggie Dent is an expert in her field. Her most notable works include “9 Things: Calm, Common-Sense, Connected Parenting: A Back-to-Basics Guide Birth-8” (2014), “Saving Our Adolescents: Providing Support for Today’s Adolescents on the Difficult Road to Adulthood” (2014), and “Developing Children’s Resilience: Crucial Advice for Parents of Children Birth to 12 years old”, along with her latest publication, “Girlhood: Educating our young girls to be healthy, content, and heard” (2022).

As an experienced parenting consultant, Maggie Dent offers parents practical advice and suggestions for nurturing the healthy development of their children. She has a special interest in adolescence and early childhood and is a strong advocate for play-based learning in Australia.

In addition to her writing and consulting work, Maggie Dent has extensive experience in teaching, counseling, and providing support to families dealing with issues such as palliative care and suicide prevention. She is deeply committed to promoting children’s health and well-being and supporting their families in any way possible.

Maggie Dent is a regular speaker at conferences on parenting challenges in Australia and is well-known for hosting the popular ABC Channel podcast “Parental As Anything.” She has also made numerous appearances on various radio and television programs, cementing her reputation as the ultimate queen of common sense when it comes to parenting.

Maggie Dent uses social media to share awareness

She utilizes social media platforms as well. Maggie shares valuable information on her social media pages. 

She currently has over 3K+ followers on Twitter, 91.5K+ followers on Instagram, and 325K+ followers on Facebook. She has 10.8K+ subscribers on her own YouTube channel.

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Maggie Dent does charity work

Dent supports the Western Australia Association of Teacher Assistants, Peel Youth Services, and Bold Park Community School in Perth. She represents The Sanctuary, a women’s shelter in The Hills, New South Wales.

Dent represents Telethon in Western Australia, a foundation that was founded 50 years ago to raise money for children’s medical and social welfare and to promote pediatric disease research. She represents Smiling Mind, a nonprofit website and app for mindfulness meditation.