Who Are Amelie Zilber Mom And Dad? Her Parents, Siblings and Who is her Partner?

Amelie Zilber, represented by the LA Models agency, is a prominent social media influencer, political activist, and model. With a following of over 2.3 million on Instagram, she is well-known for sharing fashion and modeling-related photographs. When Amelie is not sharing photos on Instagram, she spends her time creating informative TikTok videos about various social issues. Currently in college, she is striving to balance her academic pursuits with her online fame. In this article, we will have a closer look at her family and relationship.

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Amelie grows up in a talented household with her Parents & Sibling Brother

Amelie Zilber is currently 21 years old. She was born on March 27, 2002. Amelie was raised by her father, Laurent Zilber, a film producer, and her mother, Christina Zilber, a businesswoman, along with her brother, Emmanuel Zilber. She is of mixed descent as her father is French and her mother is Lebanese/American.

Amelie Zilber is fluent in both English and French, and she has also expressed a strong interest in Middle Eastern politics. As a result, she is currently learning Arabic to deepen her understanding of the region and its culture.

Amelie Zilber Father Laurent Zibler is an American Film Producer

Laurent Zilber is an American film producer who is best known for producing films such as “Items,” “Joyride,” and “The N*zi Officer’s Wife.” He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from ESDE Paris, France, in 1990. After graduating, he co-founded Trillion Entertainment and served as its CEO for 12 years. In 2004, he co-founded Joure Cosmetics with his wife and was responsible for creating and selling makeup products.

Amelie Zilber Father Laurent Zilber

He worked for the company for three years before founding his own production company, Les Films Trillions, in Paris in 2006. Laurent led the company for six years before becoming the Manager and Co-Owner of the restaurant ‘Cafe Des Artistes.’ Currently, he is a Co-Founder of California Botanical Drugstore Botanicam.com, which he joined in 2019. In addition, he has been working as a Private Investor since 2016.

Amelie Zilber Mother Christina Zilber is a CEO of Jouer Cosmetics

Christina Zilber is the founder and CEO of Jouer Cosmetics, a company established in 2008. Her mother, a former fashion model, instilled in her the value of timeless, carefree makeup, which became the foundation of Jouer’s philosophy. Christina’s natural sense of style and innovative ideas for applying makeup helped her build a successful business, generating millions of dollars.

Amelie Zilber Mother Christina Zilber

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Christina collaborates with UNICEF to empower women around the world. She has also worked as a producer and actor, featuring in films such as “The Items,” “New Suit,” and “Jane Bond.” Christina’s estimated net worth is $3 million, and she has multiple sources of income. She is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a devoted wife and mother.

Meet Amelie Zilber Brother Emmanuel Zilber

Amelie Zilber’s older brother, Emmanuel Zilber, is a political activist who previously worked as an intern at Kamala Harris For The People. He was born on August 23, 1998, making him 24 years old and four years older than Amelie. Emmanuel attended Harvard-Westlake School and graduated in 2019 before enrolling at the University of Chicago in 2020, where he is expected to graduate in 2024. During high school, he interned at SCN Strategies for two months, followed by a year-long internship at Gavin Newsom’s Campaign for California Governor, which ended in November 2018.

Amelie Zilber Brother Ammanuel Zilber

In addition to his previous political internships and volunteer work, Emmanuel Zilber also worked at various fundraisers and assisted with fundraising efforts for the Southern California finance team of Kamala Harris For The People from February 2019 to September 2019. Currently, he is not affiliated with any company and is focused on his studies. Emmanuel resides with his parents in Beverly Hills, California, and frequently appears on his mother’s social media posts. He also has a modest social media presence, with 2.1k followers and 1k followings on Instagram, and 375 followers on Twitter, where he joined in November 2016.

Is Amelie Zilber dating Blake Gray- a famous TikToker and YouTuber?

The answer to your question is YES. Amelie Zilber is dating Blake Gray, who is a popular TikToker and YouTuber. The couple started dating on September 11, 2020, and in 2022, they celebrated their second anniversary together.

Amelie Zilber Boyfriend Blake Gray

Amelie often shares cute pictures and posts about her relationship with Blake on her social media accounts. In one post, she thanked Blake for always letting her choose where to eat and what to watch and expressed her love for him. The couple frequently shares each other’s photos on Instagram with sweet captions, showing their affection for one another.

An Insight on Blake Gray

Blake Gray is a famous person who models and makes videos on social media. He has lots of fans who follow him on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. He became more well-known after joining a touring group called the Impact Meet and Greet.Me and appearing at a concert called Digi Tour Slaybells.

On TikTok, he has almost 10 million fans, and his YouTube channel has over a million subscribers and 40 million views. He recently joined a modeling agency called Next Models and got to go to Milan Fashion Week. He also performed at a concert called Jacob Sartorius’ Sartorial Summer Sendoff in 2018.

Amelie received an invitation to visit the White House

On December 2nd, Amelie shared a picture on Instagram where she was standing outside the White House. She revealed that she was invited there to interview a politician, but didn’t say who it was. Amelie mentioned that she had been a fan of this politician for a long time.

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In her post, she talked about the difficult path that led her to the White House and how it required a lot of hard work and courage.

Amelie Zilber in White House

She quoted:

A special person once told me “leave nothing to chance” and lemme tell ya, that I did. My entire teenage experience (12-18) was shaped by the incessant work I put into my TwoMinuteTimes platform. I spent hours upon hours researching and writing and listening – trying to break down the news in a truthful & captivating way in hopes of educating Gen Z to encourage them to “know their world”. It took 6 years to accrue barely 5,000 subscribers – which, at the time, I couldn’t discern as a great failure, for not affecting the minds of millions, or as proof of relentless dedication, tremendous intellectual and emotional growth, & reassurance of my fiery passion for the things I love. So I took the next step, branching out to social media, and had to quickly get comfortable with publicizing my vulnerability & my voice, on platforms with significant reach. …. Fast forward to this week: I got invited to the White House to interview a politician who I’ve personally admired and been a fan of for years. I spent uninterrupted time with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. And I was basically all but told this is only just the beginning for me!! I truly cannot wait for you all to see the educational, important work we’ve produced and let’s just say…! I’ll be back very soon 😉

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