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Dentist Larry Rudolph accused of conspiring to kill his wife during a Zambia safari  

The big game hunter and Dentist, Larry Rudolph goes on trial for ‘shooting and killing his wife on a Zambia safari to get her $4.9 million life insurance and be with his mistress.

Larry Rudolph who is currently 67 is a prominent dentist was accused of murdering his wife and collecting $4.8 million in life insurance by taking her life when they were in  Zambia Safari, Africa back in 2016.

However, Larry Rudolph was able to retreat at that point since he claimed to not have been present when the crime occurred. He only heard the sound of a gunshot and arrived to find Bianca Rudolph, her wife, already dead and bleeding on the floor.

He added that Bianca had been holding the shotgun at the time the incident occurred. But when Larry quickly cremated his wife’s body in Zambia, one of his wife’s friends became suspicious, and as a consequence, she called the FBI. As a result, the case dragged on for five years before Larry was finally arrested by the FBI in December 2021 on suspicion of killing his wife.

It was discovered throughout the investigation that Larry had been having an extramarital affair, had verbally abused his wife in the past, and two had argued about money before her passing. He has, however, remained innocent.

Did he kill his wife on safari?

Murder and fraud, which is described as calculated crime, are the charges against him. However, it has also come to light that Lori Milliron, his mistress, gave him an ultimatum to leave Bianca before she passed away, which she confirmed to the FBI. She was detained and is currently awaiting his trial, which will take place on Monday, July 11, 2022.

According to a felony petition lodged by the FBI against him, he was eager to end his marriage so he could be with his longtime mistress. Lori Milliron is a former manager of Rudolph’s company in the Pittsburgh area. He is also accused of lying to a grand jury indictment about the case and the real nature of her relationship with Rudolph. In addition to being an accessory after the fact, Milliron is accused of fraud.

As per his attorney, the gun may have been fired while Bianca was packing it into a suitcase, according to local investigators, who decided that her death was unintentional.  He further claims, that Rudolph was cooperating with the FBI investigation and was aware of it long before he was detained.

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However, no verdict has been reached as of yet in the Colorado case, but the allegations against him carry a maximum 20-year sentence for fraud and a life sentence or death for murder.  He is currently held at Denver’s downtown detention center until the verdict is final.