GoFundMe: Fund Raising for Ken Peplowski

A GoFundMe has been created to raise funds for Ken Peplowski. Who has cancer and is unable to do his work. His friend Frank Vignola started this campaign to raise funds for his treatment. According to Frank Vignola, his friend Ken Peplowski need to cancel his all work due to his condition.

As of writing, GoFundMe has raised a $44,533 donation for Ken Peplowski’s treatment. His friend Frank Vignola post a youtube video. In which he is playing guitar and Peplowski is playing the clarinet. They are performing a song called Caravan in front of onions. Which have 492 likes. He also wrote;” When one of us is down, we are all down. Hi, my name is Frank Vignola.

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I am starting this campaign for our dear friend, Ken Peplowski, who has cancer and is forced to cancel most or all his upcoming work due to the effects of his treatments.”