Who is Juhayna Djebara? What is the controversy about Taehyung?

Juhayna Djebara, a prominent figure on social media, is currently embroiled in controversy after receiving criticism for sharing a photo with Taehyung.

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What is the controversy about Taehyung and Juhayna Djebara?

On her Twitter page, Juhayna most recently shared a photo of herself with Kim Taehyung, a well-known BTS singer. She tweeted about her love for Taehyung and how she thinks he is the most beautiful person before she posted the picture.

She posted alongside Taehyung, but the BTS fans were unimpressed. They didn’t waste any time finding Juhayna’s earlier tweets about BTS.

Juhanya made allegations about BTS in a number of tweets, claiming that the group takes advantage of people for their fame and is not a decent human being.

She also commented on Taehyung’s selfie, saying, “I detest you.” Fans immediately brought these tweets to their attention and were adamant that Juhayna was using BTS solely for fame and that she was not at all the fan that she claimed to be.

Numerous BTS fans attacked Juhayna on Twitter over her latest photo with Taehyung and the previously offensive messages she had sent. The bulk of Juhayna’s Twitter followers were unimpressed by her earlier tweets.


Juhayna has also been exchanging arguments with the BTS stans in an effort to voice her opinion on previous events. She made it clear that she still supports BTS and adores Kim Taehyung.

She said that her “I hate you” comment on the image of Taehyung was sarcastic and that she was simply trying to be playful with the artist.

juhayna further asserted that she was not disparaging the Korean boy band and that she would never openly disparage anyone. Juhayna continued by discussing her mental health problems and how she was not in the proper frame of mind to handle the entire incident.

Djebara then advised the audience to be extra cautious when criticizing others online since mental health is crucial and you never know how it can influence a person.

Juhayna Djebara Age, Family, and Early Life

The personal details of Juhayna Djebara isn’t available at the moment. Looking at her appearance she seems to be in her 20s.

juhayna djebara family

She celebrates her birthday on the 8th of  June as per her Instagram.

Juhayna Djebara Career, What is her profession?

Juhayna Djebara is a social media influencer. There are no detailed info on her professional life.

Juhayna Djebara Net Worth, How much does she earn?

Since no details regarding her earnings have been made public, it is currently difficult to estimate his net worth.

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Which school did she go to? What was her major?

We don’t have any data in the education background of Juhayna Djebara at the moment. The high schools he went to and the university she graduated from are all under reviewed.

Juhayna Djebara boyfriend, What about her relationship?

Juhayna doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment. Of course there are assumptions all over the internet but she hasn’t made any valid comments on her love life yet.

Her social media reach.

Juhayna Djebara is quite a known figure in social media. She is on Instagram as @juhaynadjebara with 24.7k followers. On Twitter she is available as @juhaynadjebara.

 Juhayna Djebara’s Height, Weight, sexual orientation,

HeightN / A
WeightN / A
Hair colorBlack
Body typeFit
 Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Juhayna Djebara which you should be known

NationalityN / A
EthnicityN / A
Zodiac signN / A
AgeN / A
Relationship  statusSingle