Who is Jorge Rueda Landeros? Where is he now after 12 years? FBI’s most-wanted suspect

One of the FBI’s most sought criminals Jorge Rueda Landeros has been located after a 12-year search, disguising as a yoga instructor.

After being connected to a murder that occurred more than ten years ago, Jorge Rueda Landeros was taken into custody on December 13 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The imposter, who is now going by the name León Ferrara, had been passing himself off as a yoga instructor and ran a studio in western Mexico.

Recent images showed him instructing a class in his mimicry of zen, which was well-attended by students.

Mr. Landeros was wanted by the US crime bureau in connection with a murder in Bethesda, Maryland, but his students were unaware of this.

The 2010 homicide involves Sue Marcum, who was discovered dead.

Mr. Landeros was identified as the apparent lead suspect at the time, but he was never found.

He had been evading capture, according to the FBI’s most wanted list, until his capture this year.

Currently, Mr. Landeros is accused of first-degree murder and fleeing the country illegally to avoid being prosecuted.

News in Spanish During an interview with El Pais while he was being held. The individual protested his innocence in relation to the claimed charges.

He said: “I am innocent… not of everything, obviously, but of what I’m being accused of.

“Once I disappeared from the radar, I completely forgot about the investigation.

“I still have difficulty responding to the name Jorge – I hardly have any of him inside of me anymore.”

He is believed to be awaiting extradition to the US. Because he holds dual citizenship with both the US and Mexico.

However, Mr. Landeros’ old students were horrified to learn that he was imprisoned.

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Yoga student Maria informed El Pais that after Mr. Landeros skipped his courses, she filed a missing person report.

She said: “When I filed the report, the cops said ‘your friend isn’t missing, he’s in custody and has an Interpol file… We can’t tell you more.

“I feel like I’m grieving, I know León, but I don’t know who Jorge is.

“If I ever have the opportunity to sit down with him, I’ll have to ask him a lot of questions.”

Montgomery County, which has jurisdiction over the suspected offender’s case while he awaits trial, praised the efforts of the global policing community.

Why was Jorge Rueda Landeros wanted?

Professor Sue Ann Marcum, 52, of American University, was killed, and Jorge Landeros is wanted in connection with her death. She was discovered decomposing at the bottom of a staircase in her brand-new Bethesda, Maryland, residence.

Her asphyxiation and blunt force trauma were found to be the causes of death. DNA was also discovered under her nails, perhaps from when she was attempting to fend off her assailant. Additionally, her Jeep Cherokee, which was kept at home, was gone.

Jorge Rueda Landeros Before

Investigators found her car, which was being driven by a man who was eighteen years old. Quite fast thanks to MILES NCIC. He claims that he had no idea that the car had been used in a homicide and that his older brother had discovered it abandoned.

The suspect’s DNA did not match any found at the crime site.

Later, investigators discovered a $500,000 life insurance policy with Landeros listed as the beneficiary. He eventually met Sue in 2005. He became her Spanish teacher and yoga partner, and she became fascinated with him.

She offered him money to invest on her behalf when they created investment accounts in 2008. She was angry since he finally lost the money due to some poor investment choices.

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Investigators were able to persuade Landeros to provide permission for a DNA swab to be collected from him with the help of an El Paso homicide detective. DNA from the crime scene and the sample from Landeros were identical.

Investigators thought Landeros orchestrated the crime scene to appear like a robbery after killing Sue. Landeros was observed in Ciudad Juárez instructing yoga, but the Mexican government had not yet issued a warrant for his arrest, so he could not yet be taken into custody.