aged-29-years, Jordan McSweeney, arrested for murdering Zara Aleena

Jordan McSweeney has been caught and charged with murdering 35-year-old Zara Aleena, who passed away from severe injuries to her head.

Aleena was brutally killed in Cranbrook Road at 2.45 am on Sunday. She was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment, but she died later that morning in the hospital.

Her assault case was also a horrible one, and it was also found that she attempted to be r*ped and robbed by the culprit, Jordan.  Know more about the incident and the culprit, Zara Aleena in the following lines.

Jordan McSweeney Is Arrested For the Murder of Zara Aleena

Jordan McSweeney has been arrested for murdering Zara Aleena. He has been charged with attempted r*pe and robbery. She is not the only woman who faced such incidents this year.  She is the 16th woman in London and the 52nd woman in the UK to be murdered by a man in 2022. Her case was similar to that of Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard, as they were also killed with knives while walking back home.

Zara had told her friend that such cases will not happen to them, but she had fallen victim to it because she had to forfeit her life. Her death has brought untold pain and sadness to her family members.

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As per the police statement, her family recalled as she was authentic and refused to try and impress anyone, but she has impressed us. She was the cornerstone of our family. Zara was stoic and held it all together and never complained. She glued our community together.

Jordan Age, Family, and Early Life

Jordan McSweeney age was 29 years old at the time of writing this article. He is of British nationality and owns a white ethnic background. His family, as well as early life details, are missing at the moment.

zara allena family

But he came into prominence after he killed a young woman, Zara Aleena. Jordan is now in jail.