Johnny Costello Marriage Life with Kimberly Perry & Pregnancy

Johnny Costello is a musician and the husband of Kimberly Perry, a well-known American singer, and member of the band “The Band Perry.” The couple got married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas in June 2021, just eight months after they first met.

The couple recently announce that they are going to be a parent with the baby Boy, and Johnny also expressed his joy and love for Kimberly on his Instagram account, celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary.

Kimberly Perry reveals her marital status after six months on her marriage anniversary

Country music sensation Kimberly Perry, a member of the renowned group “The Band Perry,” delighted fans on her 6-month wedding anniversary by finally sharing her marital bliss. In a heartfelt Instagram post on December 18, Perry revealed that she had tied the knot with her partner, Johnny Costello, in a private ceremony last June.

“Wishing everyone a very MARRIED Christmas,” Kimberly began her post. “Today my love, @juannycostello, and I are celebrating 6 months since ‘I do!'”

The couple married just eight months after their first meeting, and they also take a road trip from LA to Las Vegas. Under the midnight sky, surrounded by the city’s neon lights, they exchanged vows in a memorable ceremony.

Johnny Costello Wife Kimberly Perry
Pic: Johnny Costello’s Wife Kimberly Perry (Source: Kimberly’s Instagram)

In a previous post, which has been taken down she shares her marriage day

Johnny Costello Married Kimberly Perry

“On June 17th we hit the road from LA to Las Vegas in a black Corvette and got married at midnight. It was wild and wonderful and reminded me all over again that God is the most glorious creator and the master of the most beautiful blueprint for our lives! I love you Johnny and can’t wait for forever.”

Johnny Costello, also a talented musician, reciprocated the love on his Instagram account, expressing his happiness in celebrating six months of marriage with the talented songstress.

“YALL, WE GOT MARRIED!!!!” he captioned his post on Saturday. “Happiest Six Months of Marriage @thekimberlyperry. To starting everyday with a prayer and ending it with a kiss. I Love YOU!!”

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Kimberly Perry’s announcement comes as a joyous surprise to her fans, who have been eagerly following her personal journey as she transitions to a solo career.

Recently, Costello expressed his joy in his own Instagram post announcing their two years wedding Anniversary, which included a video of the couple inside the car on June 18.

Previous Marriage and Divorce

Kimberly Perry was previously married to former MLB player J.P. Arencibia. However, the couple divorced on May 2018.

Kimberly Perry Ex Husband J.P Arencibia
Pic: Kimberly Perry Ex Husband J.P Arencibia (Source: Internet)

Despite the heartbreak, Kimberly’s courageously shared her feelings during an appearance on E! News Daily Pop a year later. Expressing her optimism, she conveyed hope for finding love once again.

The Couple announce that they are Expecting Their First Baby

Kimberly Perry and Johnny Costello as the couple joyously announces their journey into parenthood.

In a heartfelt post, Kimberly revealed that they are expecting their first baby Boy, due to arrive in late August.

Johnny Costello and Kimberly Perry Baby Announcement

The best news of all the good news lately:

I’m OVERFLOWING WITH JOY to share that Johnny and I are expecting our first baby in late August!!

We’re absolutely beside ourselves with happiness and in awe of the Creator’s plan.

Building my own family is something I’ve dreamed about for as long as I can remember. As a woman and as an artist, I’ve always felt like I had to make a choice between growing my career and growing life. But YALL – I’m doin’ em both at the SAME TIME!! Here we go! 🤍🤍🫶🫶

We’ll keep updating with more BB Costello news as we get it. Can’t wait to celebrate this new life with all of you and to welcome this little bundle of love to our world.

Love you all! K.

For Kimberly, the prospect of building her own family is a dream she has cherished since time immemorial.

Kimberly Perry has been delighting her fans on Instagram with glimpses of her baby bump. From water balloon fun to enjoying poolside moments, Kimberly’s posts have been filled with smiles and laughter. Recently, she celebrated July birthdays with a spectacular 121-candle blowout, savoring the festivities with loved ones.

As the summer heat blazed on, Kimberly indulged in delightful treats like banana pudding and popsicles, capturing the essence of the season. The beauty of her pregnancy journey shines through each post, as she keeps blooming with happiness and excitement for the new chapter in her life.

Who is Johnny Costello? Meet Kimberly Perry Husband

Kimberly Perry’s love partner, Johnny Costello is an accomplished musician hailing from the USA. While not as widely covered by the media, his musical talents have been brought to the spotlight in the wake of their recent marriage announcement.

As Kimberly Perry’s devoted love partner, Johnny has shared precious moments with her, including a Red Carpet appearance on May 12. Despite not being a household name, his musical prowess shines through, resonating with fans of his wife’s band, “The Band Perry.”

Johnny Costello and Kimberly Perry on Red Carpet
Pic: Johnny Costello and Kimberly Perry on Red Carpet (Source: Kimberly’s Instagram)

Kimberly Perry, alongside her brothers Neil and Reid, formed “The Band Perry,” a group that has skyrocketed to fame in the country music scene.

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While Johnny may not be as widely covered as his superstar wife, his presence in her life adds a touch of magic to their love story.

Perry is Pursuing A Solo Career Following Disbanding Of The Band Perry

Following the disbanding of the highly-acclaimed band “The Band Perry,” the talented 39-year-old country music icon, Kimberly Perry, has made a significant career decision. In an exciting revelation to her fans, she announced her venture into a solo career.

These last couple of years have been a wild and wonderful season of change for me. I met @juannycostello in Dallas and married him at midnight in Vegas 8 months later, I fulfilled my dream since I was 8 years old of moving to Nashville, I cut some apron strings and started writing songs with the town’s (and the world’s) greatest writers as a solo artist for the first time in my life. I’ve reconnected with myself and my creative center – it’s all been so beautiful.

Perry announced on Instagram.
Kimberly Perry Solo Career
Pic: Kimberly Perry Embarking Solo Career (Source: Kimberly’s Instagram)

Taking to Instagram, Kimberly joyfully shared the news of officially joining Records Nashville/Columbia Records, solidifying her new label home.

“Today I want to share the good news with you that I, at long last, have found my label home with RECORDS Nashville!”

Perry announced on Instagram.