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Readytech CEO: Is John Kevin Woodward Arrested For The Murder Of Laurie Houts?

John Kevin Woodward, living in the Netherlands, is in custody as a suspect in the Murder case of Laurie Houts.

In 1992,30 years ago, Laurie Houts was found dead in the vehicle parked on the 1300 block of Crittenden Lane near a garbage dump away from her workplace.

Her murder case went to trial twice, but they couldn’t put John Kevin behind the bar because of insufficient evidence, and lack of developed technology; the Police of Mountain View finally solved her murder case.

Is Readytech CEO John Kevin Woodward Arrested For The Murder Of Laurie Houts?

On September 5, 1992, John Kevin Woodward was arrested for being the primary suspect in the Laurie Houts murder case. Police took him into custody as soon as he arrived at the JFK airport from Amsterdam.

John Kevin was the primary suspect in the murder case of Laurie because police found his footprints near the car where Laurie’s dead body was found, but no evidence shows that he was inside the car or he was the mudder.

 According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office John was the roommate of Laurie’s boyfriend, and, he was very jealous of Laurie. He seems to have feelings for his roommate.

Similarly, when his roommate asked whether he killed Louise, he answer it but instead he asked what the investigators knew. Besides, no evidence proves whether he was murdered or not.

John was called for the murder trial twice, but there was not enough evidence to arrest him for murdering Louise, so he move to a new place in the Netherlands and worked as the CEO of the online training company Readytech.

John Kevin Jail Sentence And Mugshot

The police arrested John Kevin Woodward on Saturday, July 9, 2022. He is in police custody. Due to the advanced DNA technology, the DNA found in the rope which was used to kill Lousie has matched with John’s DNA.

The Santa Clara County Crime Lab found that John’s DNA matched the DNA of the killer. Which was obtained from the rope found at crime sean and collected as a piece of evidence. Similarly, they had collected over 80 fingerprints at the time of her death.

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During the re-examination of 80 fingerprints, they found that most of John’s fingerprints matched with the collected fingerprints, which clear that he was the murderer of Laurie.

He is now in police custody and will later be present in the trial. According to the judge’s verdict, he will be given a jail sentence, and his mugshot might be published.