Meet QVC host Jennifer Coffey, and her newly Engaged fiance Davinder

Jennifer Coffey is an American TV personality and QVC host who was born on January 5, 1975, in Texas, United States. After over a year of dating, Jennifer fiance Davinder proposed and he and Coffey are now happily engaged.

Moving on to Jennifer, She is one of the most experienced hosts on America’s largest shopping network, QVC. In 2011, she started working for QVC. She has a lively and entertaining presentation style.

Jennifer Coffey’s Early Life and Education

Jennifer Coffey was born on January 5, 1975, in Texas, United States. She grew up close with her father, recently sharing a childhood photo of the two on Instagram. In the photo, a young Coffey is holding a bottle of Coca-Cola while her father holds a Dr. Pepper bottle. She jokingly captioned the post:

Jennifer Coffey Father
Pic: Jennifer childhood with her father (Source: Coffey’s Instagram)

“Wait Dad…is that Coca Cola in my bottle!!?”

“Nooo no that was probably Dr. Pepper.”

Happy Fathers Day! I think of you every time I get a cavity

Coffey went on to study at the University of New Orleans, where she majored in English and Art History.

Jennifer Coffey Fiance Davinder, Their love story

Jennifer Coffey was previously married and has a daughter named Gabby, who started college in 2014. After the divorce, Coffey eventually turned to online dating, joining the popular app Bumble. Here she connected with Davinder, who is originally from Britain but had been living in the United States for many years.

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Davinder shares the story of matching with Coffey on Bumble one morning at 8 a.m. By 11 a.m. that same day, he had made the first move and exchanged messages with Coffey. She posted screenshots of their initial Bumble conversation, showing Davinder joking about already being boyfriend and girlfriend since they matched. Coffey played along, responding “Yup you won Bumble!”

Jennifer Coffey Engaged to Davinder
Pic: Jennifer shares a photo saying How it started vs. how it’s going.. (Source: Jennifer’s Instagram)

Coffey and Davinder decided to meet in person later that same day. They went on a date at Davio’s restaurant, expecting only to have a quick drink. But they ended up staying and talking for hours.

Both Coffey and Davinder had daughters from past marriages. Davinder also opened up about his unique background growing up in southwest London, but later immigrating to the United States. His Indian heritage and subtle British accent only added to his charm.

After over a year of dating, Davinder proposed and he and Coffey are now happily engaged. They often appear together in live videos on social media, answering fan questions about their relationship and blended family. It’s a heartwarming modern love story all thanks to a fateful Bumble match.

Jennifer Coffey’s Career Journey to QVC Host

Before becoming a television host, She opened a chain of 4 clothing and accessory boutiques in the San Antonio, Texas area from 2006-2010. Coffey named the boutiques “Gabby B’s” after her daughter.

From 2009-2011, Coffey also co-ran a public relations agency called Coffey Scott Media. She leveraged social media marketing to promote her retail businesses.

Around 2011, Coffey was convinced to try out for an on-air role with a San Antonio morning TV program.

Soon after, she auditioned for home shopping network QVC and was hired as a program host. Coffey packed up and moved to QVC’s New York studio to start this exciting new chapter.

Coffey began working at QVC in September 2011. Fans love tuning in for her lively product presentations. She often hosts with Kerstin Lindquist, who shares her bubbly on-camera presence.

12 years later, Coffey remains one of QVC’s most popular hosts. She leverages her business savvy and love of storytelling to sell everything from clothing to kitchenware.

Outside of work, Coffey enjoys yoga, spending time with her daughter, and checking off her bucket list dreams. These include writing a book, opening a yoga studio, and traveling to Italy.

Jennifer Coffey is popular on Instagram under the handle @jennifercoffey. She uses the platform to give fans a glimpse into her life and connect on a personal level.

She shares fashion and lifestyle photos along with behind-the-scenes looks at her work hosting QVC.