Watch Jasmine White 403 TikTok and Twitter Viral Video Here

Watch Jasmine White 403 TikTok and Twitter Viral Video Here

According to the story, Jasmine White 403 immediately rose to fame after posting a video of herself eating raw chicken online. Her admirers and followers assumed she did it after witnessing the video of her actions, but this is untrue.

Jasmine White 403, a Chicken-Eating Woman, Goes Viral On Twitter

A redhead with long hair manages Jasmine White 403 on TikTok. Her past behavior demonstrates that she participated in civil rights debates. In 2022, she became popular on social media as a result of a post she made about eating chicken. She is a digital marketer as well, and she makes content videos on the Tiktok platform. Her videos, however, are unsuitable in light of the current circumstance.

On the social media page of the content producer, the awful video was posted. On Twitter, the social influencer has also posted videos of her marketing strategies and expertise. A social platform for company proposals has been developed by her. She used to interact with folks on Tiktok to discuss business and marketing tactics.

After publishing a video of herself eating raw chicken, Jasmine soon became popular online. Her supporters and followers believed she had done something bad when they watched the chicken video. Some even assert that users of TikTok will go to any lengths to gain notoriety. Despite the fact that Jasmine White 403’s video has been popular, several other TikTok users have recommended that people refrain from searching for her.

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Additionally, Jasmine’s Twitter account has been shut down. Her video has received a lot of tweets. “I should have listened when they told me not to seek for Jasmine White 403 on TikTok,” one user remarked on Twitter. It is still being sought for, and this viral trend has given people fresh subjects to debate on social media, despite the fact that people are still advising others not to view her video.