What happened to TikTok Star Jbizz? His Revenge Video Trending on Twitter

A viral video featuring TikTok star Jbizz is currently making the rounds on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. In the video, Jbizz claims that he was jumped on January 2, 2022, by four individuals who “smashed his phone for no reason.”

Jbizz shared a video of his broken phone, which showed a cracked screen and a corner that was broken off. He stated that he was simply a joker on TikTok and that the incident had occurred “for no good reason.”

Viral Jbizz Revenge Video

Video clips titled Jbizz revenge video videos are going viral on social media platforms as TikTok star Jbizz claimed in the trending video that he was jumped, which sparked a wave of fan support. He gained notoriety in the UK thanks to a Tik Tok video in which he revealed that on January 2, 2022, four individuals assaulted him and “smashed his phone for no reason.” furthermore,  He remembers the day and says, “The day was going well,” captioning a video of a broken, white iPhone.

Jbizz Revenge Video

“Until four people came up to me with Balley’s on my way home and attacked me, spat on me, and destroyed my phone without cause,” the woman said. “For no good reason. This is my farewell; I’m simply a joker on TikTok,” he continued.

Later, Jbizz shared a second video showing a closer look at his broken smartphone, which included a cracked screen, a corner that was broken off, and a bottom that was without its outer shell.

Fortunately, the creator is unharmed and bravely resisted the four accused assailants. However, nothing is known about Jbizz and the situation, but after the traumatic incident, his supporters from the UK and throughout the world have come forward online.

Who is Jbizz in the Viral Video?

Jbizz is a well-known Tik Tok user who is known for posting content while posing as short clips. He presents himself as a roadman that the police are searching for. His Tik Tok Halde has millions of views. Furthermore, it has been revealed he has four of his past Tik Tok accounts were banned and this is his fifth account where he already has 395K+ followers and 6.9 Million likes.

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It’s unclear what exactly happened in the altercation that Jbizz references in the viral video, and it’s important to remember that this is just one side of the story. However, it’s never acceptable to resort to violence or to harm someone or their property for any reason. It’s heartening to see that Jbizz’s supporters from around the world have come forward to show their support for him following this traumatic incident. It’s always important to prioritize non-violent conflict resolution and to remember that violence is never the answer.