Jake Ilardi Olympic watch party draws a crowd at Payne Park, What does McCollum added?

Fans of skateboarding Olympian Jake Ilardi gathered at the Payne Park grass amphitheater to watch the Sarasota County native make his Olympic debut in Skateboarding.

Maria Gianoplus, Ilardi’s former teacher, described Jake and his twin brother Nate as “perfect gentlemen.”

“They were extremely well behaved and highly mannered, and they are still gentleman to this day,” Gianoplus explained.

Other supporters, such as Benny Ray, a representative for the Compound Board Shop, are encouraged by Jake’s success despite coming from a tiny, close-knit group.

“Watching our own grow into this sport beyond most other people is very incredible,” Ray said.

What does McCollum added? To Jake Ilardi

Scamus McCollum, a young and upcoming skateboarder, will benefit from this.

“Skateboarding has always been seen as an outcast thing, never as a legitimate sport, and to see it become an Olympic activity is incredible,” McCollum added.

McCollum, who has only been on the board for four years, said witnessing Jake give back to his community was amazing.

“To see Jake remain humble and continue to care for what he grew up on and what so many children are growing up on is special,” McCollum added.

Jake’s grandmother, who is also his biggest supporter, expressed her pride in what he’s accomplished for the town.

Jake’s grandma Paulette Moulton stated, “The Olympics aren’t the end; he’ll go one and do whatever he needs to.”

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As for McCollum, watching someone from his neighborhood make it to the big stage gives him hope that he, too, will one day.

“It gives us hope that we, too, can get to this point,” McCollum added.