Jackson Sparks’s Mother and the Victim’s Families Expressed Their Sorrow

After a long day characterized by hundreds of victims facing Darrell Brooks Jr. emotionally and passionately, the scene is set for Wednesday’s sentence, which, if prosecutors and victims have their way, would end in a lifetime in prison.

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During the first day of Darrell Brooks’ sentencing hearing, Jackson Sparks’ mother, the victims, and their families all expressed their sorrow and fury.

Those whose lives were destroyed by Brooks’ assault on the city’s Christmas parade had the opportunity to share their experiences at his two-day sentence hearing after a protracted trial.

However, when an anonymous threat against the courthouse was reported to the Waukesha County Communication Center on Tuesday morning, impact statements were suddenly cut short and the courtroom was removed. When Brooks, 40, of Milwaukee, drove into the 2021 Christmas parade, he killed six people and injured hundreds more.

Brooks was found guilty on October 26. On the first day of Brooks’ sentence hearing, survivors of the assault who lost loved ones or were wounded delivered impact statements. Before Waukesha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Dorow sentences Brooks on Wednesday, almost 40 victims will present their testimonies.

 As the comments were read, Brooks, who was once again wearing the surgical mask he wore for most of his weeks-long trial, displayed subdued emotion. He sometimes giggled, lowered his head, or read from a Bible he had taken with him to court.

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Sheri Sparks went to see her sons, Tucker and Jackson Sparks, march with their baseball team in the Waukesha Christmas Parade. Jackson suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck by Brooks’ SUV and lost his life. Her other son was also injured.

Sparks said in her impact statement, Jackson was,

“Do you have any idea how gut-wrenching it is to explain to your 12-year-old son that his little brother isn’t going to make it?” “violently ripped from their lives,”. “Being the protective big brother, he blames himself,”.

Due to a threat of a large-scale shooting directed at the courthouse, a few victims were able to give their testimonies before the courtroom was cleared late Tuesday morning, according to Waukesha County deputies.

Soon after, deputies stood to watch at the courtroom’s windows. After about an hour, authorities determined that the courthouse was secure enough to continue taking statements, but they tightened security.

Early Life

Jackson Sparks holds an American Nationality and he belongs to the white ethnic group.