Jack Begley, An “The Curse of Oak Island” Star, Loses his brother, Does he has Wife?

Jack Begley gained popularity as a television personality on “The Curse of Oak Island,” a docuseries that follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they hunt for lost treasure on a small island off the coast of Canada. Despite the challenges they face in their search, Begley consistently demonstrated his decency throughout the show, earning him high praise from viewers.

Alongside the Lagina brothers and their team, which includes Marty’s former college classmate Craig Tester and Begley’s stepson, Begley contributed to the show’s enduring appeal, blending adventure, drama, and action across seven seasons.

Discover lesser-known facts and figures about Jack Begley’s personal and professional life, revealing information that even his biggest fans may be unaware of.

Jack Begley is the producer along with caste member of ‘The Curse of Oak Island

Jack continues to appear in the reality series as a star and produces it as well. Begley describes himself as a “Treasure Hunter, Producer, & Drone Pilot for Remote Energy Solutions” on his Linkedin bio. The reality star is focused on managing his own business, Remote Energy Solutions, while he isn’t out looking for hidden wealth.

He has contributed to 70 episodes as a producer thus far. The show is still going on. Fans are also hoping that it will be renewed for the following season. The tenth season of the well-liked TV show debuted in November 2022.

Jack Begley The Curse of Oak Island

The debut episode of the first season aired on January 5, 2014. The name of the first episode was What Lies Underneath and there were only 5 episodes and the show lasted 44 minutes. The main characters, Rick and Marty, looked into 10-X there. Every season has seen a gradual increase in the number of episodes. However, According to rumors, there may be more seasons in the future.

Jack Begley is a professional drone operator and a certified scuba diver

Having years of experience in drone operation, Jack Begley is a professional in the field. He is most likely a holder of a Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot license, having completed his training. Apart from his drone expertise, he is also a certified Scuba diver.

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According to his Facebook page, his Scuba diving skills were imparted by John Chatterton, Alec Hutchinson, and Howard Ehrenberg. As a professional drone operator, he operates unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes. Additionally, his Scuba diving certification enables him to indulge in underwater activities and explore the ocean depths.

Jack’s had a younger half-brother who no more

Drake Tester was Jack’s younger half-brother who also made two appearances on the show before disappearing from view. Many fans were left wondering what had become of the teen as a result.

Jack Begley Brother Death

Sadly, it was announced that he passed away in 2017. The high school student was reportedly born with a seizure problem which resulted in his death. Furthermore, Along with his late brother Drake, jack has a sister named Madeline Begley.

Jack Begley is a resident of Michigan

It may be too much for some people to commute to work in a different city. It would be impossible to imagine traveling to a different nation for work. Jack Begley, however, does just that. Begley lives in Michigan even though The Curse of Oak Island is filmed in Canada which shows how much of a professional jack Begley really is.

Jack Begley Co-owns a company

While Jack Begley may be most known for his work in reality television, he is also a successful businessman. A business named Remote Energy Solutions, which he is a co-owner of, appears to have been established in 2018.

According to Remote Energy Solutions’ LinkedIn profile, “Remote Energy Solutions believes that shifting the way we source and process energy is a critical, strategic component for long-term business profit and growth. We are a team of professionals with expertise in energy supply, land use, and strategic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the mineral resource and extractive industries.”

Jack Begley loves listening to rapper Eminem

Jack Begley is a very lowkey person on his social media. He keeps a minimum presence. Jack has 6 people he follows on Twitter, including Eminem, despite the fact that he has never tweeted from that account. This suggests that Jack enjoys the music of the Michigan native.

Jack’s green shirt has its own fan base

He has a sizable fan base for the green shirt that he frequently wore on the show. It’s interesting to note that die-hard fans of the show maintain accounts on Twitter and Instagram for the iconic shirt.

Jack Begley is unmarried

Many people have shown curiosity about the relationship status of Jack Begley. People totally love the personality that Jack portrays while he’s on his show. And there are tons of people who might be crushing on this man. Thus, the good news is Jack is yet to marry, and doesn’t have a wife. He might be too occupied to be getting involved in any relationship is what we can assume.

Craig Tester, the co-owner of Oak Island tours Inc. is his step-father

Jack Begley is related to Craig Tester, the other co-owner of Oak Island Tours Inc. Beck, his mother, married Craig. Eventually, Tester took on the role of Jack’s father. Thus, Drake turned out to be his half-brother.

Jack has multiple sources of income

Jack has built a diverse portfolio of income streams which include his involvement in a popular reality series, his celebrity status, and his success as a businessman.

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He has established his own company, Remote Energy Solutions, which specializes in designing and constructing efficient and environmentally-friendly energy solutions for various industries such as mining, telecommunications, and airports. This company is based in Australia and has a reputation for delivering high-performance results.

In addition to his business ventures, Jack has a variety of other skills and interests. He is a skilled producer, with experience in creating successful projects.

Jack Begley isn’t an active social media user

You might have considered DMing Jack now that you know he is single. However, if you want a swift reply, that generally isn’t the best course of action. Jack doesn’t post frequently on Facebook or any other social media handles and hasn’t done so in more than two years. His seemingly low-key demeanor makes it unsurprising that he has chosen to limit his time on social media.