Who were Giana Vicosa and Aaminah Vicosa? Where is their mother? Age, Missing, Family, Bio

Giana Vicosa and Aaminah Vicosa, the father of two daughters, kidnapped their own daughter after holding the woman at gunpoint. Since the event, they have been on the run with the help of another cop.

Retired officer Robert Vicosa, his two children Aaminah (6 years old) and Gianna (7 years old), as well as Sgt. Tia Bynum of Baltimore Country was shot in an SUV in western Maryland after a long run of four days, according to CBS News.

Who are Aaminah and Giana Vicosa? Where is their mother?

Aaminah Vicosa was the 6-year-old daughter and Giana Vicosa was the 7-year-old daughter of Robert Vicosa a.k.a Robert Brown.

Robert Vicosa’s former wife, Giana Vicosa’s mother, was kept prisoner by Robert and Tia over the weekend. She was handcuffed and forced to eat a crushed painkiller medication, smoke pot, and handle firearms.

On November 14, 2021, the incident occurred. Vicosa allegedly put a tracker on her phone and instructed her not to report him to the cops, according to her. She drove around for a while before calling the cops in a neighboring town.

When the cops arrived, the girls were nowhere to be found. Giana’s mother, or Robert’s ex-wife, was also known to have lived alone following their divorce, away from her abusive husband.

Giana Vicosa and Aaminah Vicosa Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about their father, mother, where are they from? Early Life

Giana Vicosa was 7 years old and Aaminah Vicosa was 6 years old when they died. Giana was born in 2014 and Aaminah was born in 2015. They were born in Pennsylvania.

tia bynum and robert vicosa

Any information regarding their exact birthdates has not been revealed yet.

In search for ex-cop accused of kidnapping daughters, four died- Report

According to reports, the search for two young girls stolen by their father in York County ended Thursday when the kids, their father, and an accomplice were discovered dead in Maryland. According to WJZ TV in Baltimore, Robert Vicosa, his two daughters, 6-year-old Aaminah and 7-year-old Giana, and Baltimore County Police Sgt. Tia A. Bynum all died from gunshot wounds inside a stolen automobile in western Maryland.

The four victims found shot in the vehicle earlier that afternoon, according to a Maryland State Police spokeswoman Thursday evening, were an adult man, an adult woman, and two minors. She stated that authorities believe they know who the individuals are and that the killings may be linked to two previous cases, one in Maryland and the other in Pennsylvania.

As it approached the state line in Pennsylvania, police sought to halt the vehicle in connection with the earlier Maryland incident.

The pursuit was picked up by Maryland police after the car crossed the state line, according to the spokeswoman.

Officers found the adult female driver, an adult man, and one of the juveniles dead from apparent gunshot wounds when they approached the vehicle after it crashed around 2:30 p.m., she said. The other adolescent was alive at the time but died in a hospital from an apparent gunshot wound. Vicosa and Bynum had been asking law officials in Maryland and Pennsylvania to do the right thing and return the daughters securely.

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After reportedly abducting his daughters and viciously abusing the children’s mother at his Windsor Township home last Saturday, the ex-Baltimore County cop had been on the run.

According to prosecution documents, Vicosa, 42, and Bynum grabbed the girls’ mother at gunpoint before holding her captive in the basement of his home and r*ped her repeatedly until she escaped. At 8:38 a.m. Monday, the children’s mother filed an emergency PFA against Vicosa. The mom and the two girls are identified by the PFA.