Forrest Galante’s wife Jessica Summerfield is a Zoologist, What about their son?

Forrest Galante is a wildlife biologist, conservationist, and television personality known for his work in wildlife conservation and for hosting the television show “Extinct or Alive.” He was born on March 31, 1988, in Harare, Zimbabwe, and grew up in California.

Forrest Galante is known for his outdoor adventures and is also a notable TV personality and conservationist. He has hosted several Animal Planet programs, including “Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante” and the documentary series “Extinct or Alive,” where he explores the possibility of discovering species thought to be extinct.

In 2013, Galante made his TV debut on the Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid,” where he completed a 21-day survival challenge in a remote area of northwest Panama, earning one of the highest PSRs in the show’s history. He and his photographer also made headlines in 2016 as they became some of the first people to swim with crocodiles while wearing specialized suits that replicated the reptile’s scaly skin and blocked the body’s electrical current.

Galante is committed to uncovering the Thylacine, and after two expeditions, he continues to search for this elusive species. He also produced the History Channel’s “Face the Beast,” a show where two men attempt to retrace the steps of predators on unexplained killing rampages against humans.

Forrest Galante’s Mother is Africa’s first female safari guides and bush pilots

Forrest Galante was born on March 31st, 1988 in California, but within the first few months of his life moved to Harare, Zimbabwe. He grew up on a productive farm that cultivated luxury alstroemeria flowers, and various fruits and was home to a myriad of livestock and wild African animals.

As a child, Galante and his sister, named Summer, were raised on a farm that cultivated flowers and fruit and served as a home to livestock and wild African animals. His favorite pastimes included catching snakes, fishing in the dam, breeding guinea pigs, and playing rugby. When he wasn’t enjoying life on the farm, his mother would take him and his sister on safari in the African bush.

Forrest Galante Mother

As one of Africa’s first female safari guides and bush pilots, Galante’s mother took her children to explore some of the most remote parts of Africa, collecting artifacts and observing wildlife. Galante was enthralled by all wildlife and knew he would one day pursue a career with animals. At age 14, Galante was the youngest person to ever lead an international canoe safari down the Zambezi River.

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In 2001, Galante’s world was turned upside down when terrible political turmoil in Zimbabwe caused their farm to be seized. They were forcefully evicted from their home in the middle of the night and fled the country of Zimbabwe. With only a suitcase each and a couple of hundred dollars, Galante and his family returned to California to the small town of Cayucos, and later Santa Barbara.

Forrest Galante’s wife Jessica Summerfield is a Zoologist

Forrest Galante is married to absolutely stunning Jessica Summerfield. The couple is very famous for their daring and interesting activities. Jessica Evans is a zoologist by profession. The two make a perfect pair as both of them are close and love being around mother nature. She is best known for Jessica known for Extinct or Alive and Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante where she teams up with her husband on different shows.

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Forrest Galante and Jessica Summerfield Relationship Timeline

Their First Meet

Since 2015, Zoologist Jessica Summerfield and Forrest Galante have been wed. When they first met at the age of 15, they immediately clicked since they both had a deep love and enthusiasm for the natural world.

Forrest Galante Wife

Both later enrolled at Santa Barbara’s University of Chicago for college. Following the completion of their degrees, they set out on a 14-month journey that took them to 28 nations with a variety of environments.

Forrest Galante and Jessica Summerfield had an unusually amazing wedding ceremony

Forrest Galante and Jessica Summerfield chose to break away from tradition when they got married in 2015. The couple, who share a love of nature, decided to get married on Stocking Island in the Bahamas, where they had never been before as a couple. They spent five days surrounded by nature, friends, and family, enjoying every moment of their celebration.

The couple opted for a non-traditional wedding ceremony, foregoing the formal wedding attire. They shared photos of their special day, including one where they were seated in the ocean, embracing a stingray between them, and another where they were joined by an aquatic bovine. They made the most of their five days by fully immersing themselves in nature and enjoying their time with loved ones.

Forrest, who is a survival expert, and Jessica’s wedding was an adventure-filled celebration that took place on an island accessible only by boat or seaplane. They combined their love of adventure, wildlife, friends, and alcohol to create a unique experience for themselves and their guests.

Likewise, Jessica described their wedding day as magical, filled with joy, laughter, tears, and an overwhelming sense of love. It was a truly memorable experience for everyone who attended, and one that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Forrest Galante and Jessica Summerfield share a son

In October 2019, Forrest and Jessica welcomed their first child named Rhodes after four years of their marriage. Presently, they reside in Santa Barbara, California.

In the previous year, the couple had visited Lake Chelan with the purpose of finding evidence of a mythical creature that was said to resemble the Loch Ness Monster and was believed to be a part of Native American traditions.

Forrest Galante and Jessica Summerfield Son

Now, the couple has a son, and the father wants to pass on his love for adventure and education to his child. He plans on doing this by taking his son to the Pacific Northwest and exposing him to the unique biology and ecology of the region. The father intends to achieve this through the documentary, “Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante.” Although the expedition may be risky, the father is undeterred in his mission to share this thrilling experience with his son.

Forrest Galante’s social media reach

Forrest Galante is an active social media personality. He is active as @forrest.galante with 428k followers. Forrest Galante is a verified user and posts all about his adventures and family. 

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He has over 4k subscribers on his YouTube channel where he posts about his adventures and experiences.