Everything you need to know about Irish actor David Caves

David Caves is a Northern Irish actor best known for his role as Jack Hodgson in the popular British crime drama series “Silent Witness.” Born on 7 August 1979, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he is best known for his role as Jack Hodgson which brought Caves widespread recognition. He joined the cast of the long-running crime drama series in 2013 as a forensic scientist and has since become a beloved and integral part of the show.

Discover fascinating facts about actor David Cabves in this article, as we delve deep into his life and career and explore his upcoming projects. Learn more about this talented performer through intriguing insights and trivia that showcase his unique journey in the entertainment industry.

David Caves remains with Emilia Fox in Silent Witness

David Caves, who portrays the character of Jack in the popular crime drama series Silent Witness, has not announced his departure from the show. Some concerns were raised by viewers when the season premiered with a scene depicting a man jumping off an office building.

The storyline revolves around the mafia, involved in human trafficking and drug dealing, and their interactions with Nikki and her team as they try to gather information about the man. The final two episodes of the season focus on Jack, who finds himself embroiled in a challenging case that puts him at odds with a former mentor.


In an interview with Hello Magazine, Caves discussed how the romantic relationship between his character and Nikki developed in the season’s finale. Fans of the show have observed strong chemistry between the two characters throughout the season, with Jack occasionally flirting with Nikki and showing signs of jealousy when other men express interest in her. Caves suggest that his character will undergo significant development in the upcoming episodes, but there is no indication that he will be leaving the show. Emilia Fox, who plays the role of Nikki, has not revealed any plans to exit the show either.

However, in an interview with Entertainment Daily, she did admit that she never anticipated playing the character for 18 years. Despite this, fans can look forward to seeing both Jack and Nikki in the next season of Silent Witness, with no risk of their departure.

David Caves comes from a family of teachers

Caves received his formal education at Campbell College, which is located in the city of Belfast. His family has a strong background in the field of education, with both his parents and his uncle being professional teachers.

David Caves Family

Following his completion of high school, Caves enrolled at the University of St. Andrews and pursued a degree in modern languages. This program of study spanned a period of five years, from 1997 to 2002. During this time, Caves immersed himself in the study of French and German.

David had plans for being a teacher

Initially, before enrolling in LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) training, he had set his sights on becoming a teacher. In order to fulfill a requirement for his degree, he took up a teaching job in France. However, after returning to the UK, he realized that he had lost interest in the academic aspect of teaching and instead found himself deeply immersed in the world of plays and musicals at his university.

Reflecting on his journey, he is known to have said, “I thought I was probably not good enough but something inside me told me I should have a go, so I did.” This bold step ultimately led him to enroll in the LAMDA training, where he honed his skills and developed a deep passion for acting.

David Caves received offers at LAMDA and Bristol Old Vic

David Caves had offers from both LAMDA and Bristol Old Vic but he decided to attend the former due to its proximity to London. His training primarily focused on theatre, and he gained recognition as a stage actor for his impressive portrayal of Petruchio in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2012 touring production of The Taming of the Shrew, prior to joining the cast of Silent Witness.

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Additionally, he appeared in the film Ironclad: Battle for Blood. Caves have also taken on notable theatre roles, such as Bosola in The Duchess of Malfi at Northampton, Macheath in The Beggar’s Opera at Regent’s Park Open Theatre, and Deflores in The Changeling at Southwark Playhouse.

David returns as Silent Witness set to return for its 27th season

Although The Silent Witness focuses on the Lyell team’s foray into the criminal underworld, Jack Hodgson, portrayed by David, has attracted more attention from fans this season. David joined the cast in 2016, featuring in the first episode of season 16, taking up the position of a forensic scientist at Lyell Centre after Harry Cunningham’s departure. He has also served as Nikki Alexander’s trusted aide for a long time. Fans have been raving about his more toned physique this season, which has been a noticeable distraction.

Express reports that the BBC has confirmed the show’s renewal for a second season, which is unsurprising given its long-running history. According to a BBC spokeswoman, work is already underway for the 27th season of Silent Witness. Sources have revealed that the upcoming season will feature 10 episodes, just like the current season, which premiered in early 2023. Although it is uncertain when it will air, fans can expect it to premiere in 2024.

David Caves is married and has a family of his own

David Caves is married to Verity Cunningham. She is the Associate Finance Manager by her profession. The couple tied the knot in 2019 and continues to thrive in their relationship as of 2023.

David Caves Wife

They are proud parents of two beautiful children.

Meet David Caves’ wife Verity Cunningham

Verity Cunninghams is an accomplished associate finance manager with a successful career in finance. However, she is also widely recognized in public as the wife of David Caves, an actor best known for his role in the popular crime drama series “Silent Witness.” While Verity and David have been married for some time now, they have always maintained a relatively private personal life and are rarely seen together in public.

This discretion stems from the fact that the couple had been in a relationship prior to getting married, and they have made a conscious effort to keep their romance away from the public eye.

David Caves Wife Verity Cunningham

Consequently, they only make public appearances together on special occasions, such as events related to David’s work or charity events.

One such occasion was on June 14, 2017, when Verity and David attended the grand opening of the new London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Centre. The couple looked elegant and charming, with David donning a sharp blue suit and Verity opting for a stunning white top paired with a long black skirt.

David Caves has a Net worth is than you thought

According to Idol NetWorth, David Caves has an estimated net worth ranging from $100K to $1M, which seems quite low given his acting career on the BBC drama “Silent Witness” since 2013.

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However, other websites have published varying estimates of his net worth, with some claiming it to be $5 million, and others as high as $10 million. It is uncertain how much the actor truly earns, but his primary source of income is from his acting career and endorsements.