Meet Argentine actor Diego Soldano – Everything to know

Diego Soldano is an Argentine actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his remarkable talent and versatility. Born on January 18, 1969, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Soldano discovered his passion for acting at a young age and began pursuing it as a career.

Discover fascinating insights into the life of renowned Argentine actor Diego with this informative article. From his personal relationships to his professional accomplishments, we delve into the intriguing facts surrounding his life.

Diego Soldano was born in the Chinese year of Rooster

Born on a Saturday, Diego Soldano is a well-known television actor whose birthstone is the beautiful garnet. He came into the world during the winter season in the year of the Rooster according to the Chinese calendar.

Diego Soldano is an educated actor

Having been attracted to acting as a career from an early age, he went on to pursue his passion by studying acting in Mexico after finishing his studies at CERC (CEA) in Argentina which makes him an educated actor.

Diego Soldano was a theater actor before coming to Films

Diego Soldano started his acting career in the theater, performing in various plays, and later transitioned to television and film. Over the years, Soldano has appeared in numerous television series, movies, and theater productions, earning critical acclaim for his performances.

Diego Soldano is in his 50s with Impressive TV Performances and Current Projects

Diego Soldano is a well-known actor, famous for his impressive TV performances in popular shows such as La Patrona, El Misericordias, and Senora Acero. He began his journey in the entertainment industry in his thirties when he moved to Mexico to pursue his dreams. After several years of struggling, Soldano landed his breakthrough role as Dante Barrienta in “Valiant Love” at the age of 46.

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Now, at 54 years old, Soldano continues to give his best performances. He showcased his talent in the 2022 film “La Madrstra” and is currently starring in a Mexican TV series called “The Stepmom.” Despite his age, Soldano remains a dedicated and skilled actor who consistently delivers outstanding performances.

Diego Soldano is married to his wife for a decades

Diego Soldano was happily married to Ibana Lizarraga for 22 years after dating for over six years before exchanging vows in 2007. The Soldano family enjoys spending time together and leads an exciting life. They are often seen traveling together to various destinations in Argentina and Mexico City, as evidenced by the frequent vacation images posted on their social media profiles.

Diego Soldano Wife Ibana Lizarraga

One such memorable trip was on September 11, 2019, when the couple enjoyed a hot air balloon tour of Mexico City. They also visit their parents during holiday celebrations, including Christmas and New Year’s.

Diego Soldano’s wife is Ibana Lizarrag is a chef

Ibana Lizarraga, originally from Mexico, learned the essentials of cooking from her parents who also hail from the same country. Her passion for the culinary arts grew after she enrolled in classes at the culinary arts institute and began working in Hispanic eateries. Through her social media posts, one can witness her cooking abilities and her love for the craft.

On May 5, 2021, she posted stunning photos of chocolate pies, cookies, and birthday cakes on Facebook. Lizarraga’s talent lies in her ability to preserve traditional recipes while simultaneously experimenting and innovating to create delicious and vibrant pastries. She is a skilled master chef who is devoted to the art of pastry-making.

Diego Soldano has three children with his wife

Diego Soldano resides in Mexico City with his wife and children. He and a younger girl named Emma are parents to two kids, Valentin and Dante. Valentin has become an adult with proper care and guidance, whereas Dante and Emma are still in their childhood.

Diego Soldano Family with Children and Wife

Despite his hectic schedule, Diego makes time to travel with his family and partner, Ibana. While Diego is away for promotional activities and filming, Ibana looks after the children. On April 26, 2020, the Soldano family was seen taking a leisurely walk and enjoying the parks, streets, woods, and beaches of Bosque de Chapultepec. The next day, they went to Placers Inculpa for some ice cream.

Diego Soldano has appeared in a number of series

His remarkable performances in several telenovelas have gained him considerable recognition. Soldano is well-known for his outstanding work in telenovelas such as Seora Acero, Los Miserables, Las trampas del deseo, and La Patrona.

His acting prowess and natural talent have earned him a distinguished reputation in the entertainment industry.

Diego Soldano has good earnings and a high net worth

Diego Soldano is a highly successful actor whose professional life is flourishing. As a result, he earns a substantial amount from his acting career. As of 2023, his net worth is approximated at $5 million.

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Diego Soldano has a perfect height

Diego Saldono is widely admired for his appealing appearance and pleasant demeanor, with his height adding to his allure as a focal point of attention. Standing at 1.82 m, he possesses an ideal height for a man.

Diego Soldano Height

Diego Soldano has an active social media presence

Diego Soldano is an actor who has managed to garner a considerable amount of online attention, making him one of the most followed actors on the internet. One of the social media platforms where he has gained a significant following is Instagram, where he goes by the username @diegosoldano.

Currently, he has a total of 301k followers on this platform, a clear indication of his popularity. Likewise, His Twitter handle is @DiegoSoldano, and he has 36.9k followers on this platform.