Devin Clark, 18, and Lyric Woods, 14, were shot and killed in North Carolina

According to authorities, a homicide investigation has been launched after North Carolina officers discovered two victims, Devin Clark and Lyric Woods in Orange County that had been shot.

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After discovering two missing teenagers shot to death on power lines, the sheriff of North Carolina suspects foul play

In North Carolina, two bodies—sixth-grader Lyric Woods, 14, and star high school football player Devin Clark, 18,—were discovered on Sunday after they mysteriously vanished. According to reports, two men were riding their four-wheelers when they apparently came upon the remains by a powerline at 3 p.m. on Sunday and called the police.

According to Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood, “as a parent, I cannot comprehend how agonizing the wait for confirmation of the victims’ identities is.” “I’m asking for your patience while we, along with other investigating authorities, undertake the work necessary to seek justice for the victims and their families,” the statement reads. “The process is crucial and critical to lead us to the individual or persons guilty for this awful act. Several unsettling hints have emerged as the medical examiner’s identification is awaited by the bereaved relatives of both victims.

David White, a neighbor who resides close to where the remains were discovered, claimed that only a few days prior, the region had been the scene of odd noises. White told ABC station WTVD, “I heard close to 10 bullets going off like an automatic gun and waited for a brief while, and five more shots went off. “Who’s shooting this late at night?” I wondered. Two and a half miles separate Woods’ house from the spot off Buckhorn Road where the two bodies were discovered.

Before the gruesome finding, Woods apparently left her home and her parents were unable to reach her, according to a Facebook post. Except for an iPad, her stepfather found everything she had left in her bedroom when he went to wake her up on Saturday morning, and her parents don’t think she was trying to run away, according to WRAL. Investigators scoured hunting stands, and paths, and utilized K-9s to search for the missing teen throughout the frenzied search. According to reports, it was discovered that Woods left her home and trekked into the woods using her pillowcase.

On Saturday at around 3 am, a local reported to have spotted Woods driving through that area in a car, but deputies believe she was picked up.

One local claimed to have seen Woods driving through that area in a car at around 3 am on Saturday, but deputies think she was picked up by someone. On Sunday, another set of remains led to the discovery of a body that was thought to be hers. Her laptop, iPad, and phone have all been used as proof. According to Fox News, Sheriff Blackwood thinks the students were slain in a probable homicide as the investigation continues based on the preliminary information. To determine the precise cause of death, the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office is still investigating.

No other information would be disclosed, according to the Sheriff’s Office, until the medical examiner determined the cause of death and official identification. It was determined that the bodies belonged to a white woman and a black man, both of whom appeared to be under 20 years old. According to deputies, Woods’ residence showed no traces of a forced entry. The girl’s parents also claimed that on Saturday morning, they discovered the back door to be unlocked. According to WRAL, Woods’ grandpa offered a $10,000 prize to anyone with information on her disappearance., the two boys’ families believe they may have gotten into a car with a third individual hours before they disappeared.

Tiffany Concepcion, Clark’s mother, questioned, “Who is strong enough to lift two bodies and dump them?” We need responses, “I’m going to keep pursuing solutions,” she said. Sheriff Blackwood stated: “Although we do not yet have that confirmation, the terrible but reasonable conclusion is becoming more and more obvious given the lack of any other missing persons who match the characteristics of the people found. ” The community as a whole, as well as the family and friends of the victims, are devastated by this loss. Both families set up GoFundMe accounts to raise money for the funeral costs, praising their respective loved ones and calling Woods a “wonderful young person, daughter, sister, and friend” and Clark a “athlete” who cherished his family.

Orange County Schools released a statement

According to the police, Woods, a senior at Eastern Alamance High School, and Clark, who attended Cedar Ridge High School, were friends. Orange County Schools released a statement saying, “We are very grieved by the news of the death of our student, Lyric Isabella Woods, a ninth-grader at Cedar Ridge High School. “All of Lyric’s family and everyone who knew her, including many at Orange High, Gravelly Hill Middle, and Efland-Cheeks Global Elementary, have our deepest sympathies,” the statement reads. In memory of Woods, students at her school donned T-shirts with her name on them, and a balloon release was scheduled for later in the week.

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Orange County Schools sent counselors to the schools on Monday to assist the students and staff. A moment of quiet was observed in memory of both teenagers during a soccer match between respective schools. The announcer noted before the game, “This past weekend, students Devin Clark of Eastern Alamance and Lyric Woods of Cedar Ridge tragically lost their lives. Please remember to pray for and think of their family.