Who is Tom Burnett Wife? Deena Burnett Net worth, Age, Children, Husband, Wiki, Bio, Birthday

Deena Burnett, the late Tome Burnett’s wife, wedded Rodney Bailey six years after her husband died.

Deena Burnett, the 51-year-old widow of Tom Brunett, wrote a book called Fighting Back on her road to reclaiming her happiness.

The book is about rediscovering a meaning in life after her husband’s untimely death, which was a devastating experience for her.

After distributing a book called Fighting Back, eena Burnett, the 51-year-old widow of Tom Brunett, revealed her journey of rediscovering her pleasure.

After the horrible event of her significant other’s untimely death, the book delves into finding a purpose in life.

Deena Burnett was Tom Burnett’s officially wedded wife. She remarried six years after her first husband died.

Arkansas 9/11 widow looks back on 20 years

(Little Rock, AR) — Deena Burnett Bailey, an Arkansas native, lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks 20 years ago. Tom, her husband, was a passenger aboard United Flight 93.

Deena grew raised on a cotton farm in Halley, Arkansas. A small-town girl who rose through the ranks to become a flight attendant.

Her adventures brought her to Tom. It was a fast-paced romance.

“We were always traveling to see each other.” It was much easier for us to do that because I was a flight attendant and he was a regular traveller, but we would frequently leave notes for each other in the airport gate,” she recalled. “We had multiple dates where we would just sit in first class and watch a movie and eat dinner while I got off the plane and flew back.”

They married in a chapel in McGehee and moved to California for work, where they had three daughters:

Anna Claire, Halley, and Madison, who are twins.

On September 11th, in the morning. Tom was on his way home from work when Anna Claire started pre-school.

It had been an exhilarating morning, but it had come to an end soon.

“I stood up. I began preparing breakfast for the ladies. They had taken a seat at the kitchen table. We were watching the news when I noticed that the World Trade Center had been attacked. Both of the towers. And I started to worry that Tom might be nearby,” she explained.

Further Information

Tom was not one of them. He was a passenger on United Flight 93. He called Deena three times from the plane. Several of the passengers were putting together a strategy to divert the jet away from the terrorists and prevent another attack, he told her in his last conversation. They were going to wait until they were over a rural region before taking off.

“We’re going to do something, he said last to me. “Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out,” she assured him.

On TV, she saw another jet crash.

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“I dashed over, and when I saw the words “Flight 93,” my legs crumbled. She exclaimed, “I just melted.” “That’s how I found out,” says the author.

Deena and her girls relocated to Arkansas to be closer to their relatives. Deena and her daughters will travel to Shanksville, Pennsylvania for the first time in 20 years to witness the memorial and stand where Tom and many others that day became heroes by stopping the jet from flying into the Capitol.

Deena’s daughters are now in their twenties and have good occupations. Deena is remarried, and she and her husband Rodney recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. Years later, she claims that returning to Arkansas and the community’s support made a difference in their lives.

Deena Burnett Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about her father, mother, where is she from? Early Life

 Deena Burnett, the 51-year-old widow of Tom Brunett, her real age has not been revealed yet.

Deena Burnett Family

The details of her family member have not been revealed but only the name of her parents and siblings has been revealed. She was born in America with her parents, father Donald Burchfield and mother Cindy Burchfield. She has a sister Sandra Burchfield.

Deena Burnett Net worth, How much did she earn?

She has a total net worth of $500,000, as she was working flight taken care of Delta Airlines.

Deena Burnett Boyfriend, Her Relationship, What about Children?

Deena Burnett was Tom Burnett’s legally married wife. She remarried six years after her first husband died.

Burnett, her first husband, was killed when his plane was hijacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Deena Burnett Husband

The bomb on United Airlines Flight 93 was claimed to have been detonated, and death was obvious. His wife told authorities that throughout the time of the highjacking, the couple shared many phones. He informed her that he, Mark Bingham, Jeremy Glick, and Todd Beamer, along with other passengers, were plotting to reclaim the plane from the hijackers.

When Tom learned the terrorists were going to fly their plane into the White House, he stormed the cockpit and diverted the plane to a field in Pennsylvania, killing all 44 persons on board. He was only 38 years old at the time. Tom was the CEO of Thoratec Corporation, a medical equipment firm.

Deena Burnett second Marriage

Deena Burnett and her husband, Rodney Baily, are currently enjoying a happy married life.

She and her three girls moved to Little Rock after Tom’s death to be closer to her parents.

Rodney, her now-husband, she met and married in 2006. Rodney’s son from a previous marriage, Tanner, is now the couple’s child. Rodney works in the insurance industry.

Deena Burnett Daughters

Madison, who holds a master’s degree in business administration and works as an asset management analyst, is her mother’s daughter. Anna Clare, on the other hand, works in software sales.

When the anniversary of their late father and husband arrives, the family remembers him.

Deena Burnett Career

Deena Burnett was a former Delta Airlines flight attendant. It was here that she met Tom for the first time. They were together for about three years. The couple struggled with the vast distance, but Tom made it a point to find time for Deena.

In April 1992, they married in a little Catholic church in McGehee. In 1996, she chose to be a stay-at-home mom to care for and raise her twin daughters. Anna Clare, the family’s second daughter, was born in 1998.

You can join Deena Burnett’s 2k Instagram followers by following her account.

She provides motivational quotations about her life and journey on this page.

Where she attended her High school and University? What was her major?

As we all know that she is from USA. So, most probably she must have completed her education from her home town. But the exact fact of her education has not been published yet.

Deena Burnett Social Media Reach

Deena Burnett has about 98 followers on Instagram, which indicates that she has an average social media follower. She has posted 2 posts. On Instagram, she has followed 8 Media Personnel. Her Followers can follow her on Instagram.

Deena Burnett has about 661 followers on Twitter, which indicates that she has a good social media follower. She has joined Twitter in February 2012. On Twitter, she has followed 2009 Media Personnel. Her Followers can follow her on Twitter.

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She has a Facebook account too, in which 2395 people have followed her. Her followers can follow her on Facebook.

By looking into her social media mostly she uses and always wants to interact with her fans. All the fans also admire her very closely and love her a lot.

Deena Burnett FAQ’s

Who is Deena Burnett?

Deena Burnett, the 51-year-old widow of Tom Brunett, wrote a book called Fighting Back on her road to reclaiming her happiness. The book is about rediscovering a meaning in life after her husband’s untimely death, which was a devastating experience for her.

How old is Deena Burnett?

Currently her age in 2021 is 51 years old. However, her actual date of birth has not been revealed.

Who is Deena Burnett Husband?

Previously, she was married to Tom Burnett and he died after his plane get hijacked by the terrorist. After six years of his death she married to Rodney Baily and she has a three children

Does Deena Burnett use social media?

Yes, she uses social media. She is on the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, she has not good fan followers.

Is Deena Burnett alive?

Yes, she is alive and she is running skin care service in USA.

Deena Burnett’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

Height   N/A
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight


Interesting facts about Deena Burnett’s which you should know

Zodiac SignN/A
Net Worth $500,000
Single/ In a relationship N/A
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseN/A

Social Media

Twitter: @DBurnettBailey
Instagram: dlburn

Facebook: Deena Burnett Bailey