Arkansas Teen’s Kidnapping: Dayla Diane Ferrer And Samuel Wayne Bolling Arrested, Age, Facebook, Biography

Samuel Wayne Bolling Jr, 38, and Dayla Diane Ferrer, 19, have both been charged with felony counts of kidnapping and aggravated robbery and are being held without bail at the Garland County jail, according to the department of police.

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2 arrested in kidnapping of a teenager in Hot Springs, Ark.

Two people have been arrested after an amber alert for a 17-year-old Arkansas girl was issued earlier this week.

After Trynytee Case was abducted after work on April 18, Samuel Wayne Bolling, 38, of Nashville, and Dayla Diane Ferrer, 19, of Memphis, were arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated robbery, the battery in the first degree, and false imprisonment in the first degree, according to a press release.

The case was found with minor injuries in the 4700 block of Central Avenue in Hot Spring, Ark. on April 19 shortly after 3 p.m., and sent to a local hospital for evaluation.

Detectives discovered two suspects, Bolling and Ferrer, as well as a likely location, during the course of the inquiry.

Both were apprehended without incident on the 4800 block of Central Avenue just over two hours later, according to the announcement.

A coworker attempted to call Case’s phone, but no one answered, according to prior reports.

The coworker became concerned and called Case’s mother. The mother then attempted to call Case’s phone, according to a press release.

“Everything is good,” Case finally responded after repeated attempts. The phone then rang with what sounded like a man’s voice on it. According to allegations, police demanded $10,000 for her return or threatened to kill and tear up the youngster.

For her family, it was a terrifying circumstance.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday afternoon, according to Hot Springs police.

The mysterious woman requested if she might use Case’s phone, claiming to be lost and staying on a property in Hot Springs with her parents.

The female then changed her mind and informed Case that she needed to use the GPS coordinates and that she should walk closer to the female’s car.

During this time, Case’s buddy said she would go collect her car, which was parked in the city’s parking garage. The notice stated that when the buddy returned to pick up the Case, she was nowhere to be seen.

The victim’s buddy tried to reach her but received no answer. According to the complaint, the buddy becomes concerned and calls the victim’s mother, who then repeatedly attempts to call the victim’s phone. The youngster had been kidnapped and was facing death.

Dayla Diane Ferrer And Samuel Wayne Bolling Age, Family, and Early Life

Samuel Wayne Bolling Jr is a 38-year-old guy, and Dayla Diane Ferrer is a 19-year-old girl. However, we don’t have any information regarding their exact birthdate, birthplace, and parents. As of now, we don’t have much information regarding their personal life.

dayla diane ferrer and samuel wayne bolling family

The investigation is still going on. We will update this section soon.

Dayla Diane Ferrer And Samuel Wayne Bolling Career, What was his profession?

Currently, we do not have the details related to their profession and career. Their jobs are not available to the public yet.

We will update this as soon as the information is available.

Which school or college do they go to?

According to our research, Dayla went to Munford High School. However, the educational journey of Samuel is under the wraps.

Dayla Diane Ferrer and Samuel Wayne Bolling relationship?

As of now, we don’t have any information regarding their relationship. Looking at their age difference they are not friends they can be daughter and father but this is just speculation.

Are they available on any kind of social media platform?

Based on our research team, Dayla Diane Ferrer is available on Facebook. As of now, we didn’t find Samuel on any social media platforms.