Who is Dawn Woods? Meet Darrell Brooks’s mother, unsurprised by his son’s Crime

The mother of Darrell Brooks claims that she has found it hard to absorb the trial and that her son is mentally ill.

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Dawn Woods, Darrell Brooks’s mother, is unsurprised by the verdict.

Darrell Brooks’ mother is speaking out about her worries about what her son is capable of and what he could do in court just days before his trial. In Waukesha, jury selection will start on Monday. Brooks will defend himself in court against several charges related to his alleged involvement in the tragic Waukesha parade.

His mother, Dawn Woods, anticipates a speedy trial since her son lacks a legal defense. She claims that Brooks has a mental health condition, and she is upset with the judge for letting him represent himself in court. She does not anticipate success.

As soon as his murder trial gets underway, her son Darrell Brooks’ next passionate and hysterical outburst is what she dreads most. She claimed to have witnessed “Throwing chairs and acting out are all destructive behaviors.

They are all true. It’s like someone detonating a time bomb.” For forty years, Dawn has worked to disarm that time bomb. She communicates daily with Brooks from behind bars. But lately, she claims, he has become more irritable because of the strain and stress. She worries that he is disintegrating totally and is on the verge of going crazy.

“For the last two months, I’ve heard Darrell sliding slowly,” the speaker said. Both bipolar illness and a personality condition affect Brooks. Dawn claims that when Brooks is frightened or panicked without his medicine, he becomes explosive.

Dawn Woods said,

“I can see the storm coming.”

She added that manic episodes might persist for days or even months. “I have no idea when the manic will stop. or how far it will progress. When he filed to represent himself in court and fire his counsel this week, Woods said she saw it come into manifestation. “Well, well, I may as well just do it myself because nobody is attempting to address my issues,” he simply remarked. Brooks will now be seated at the defendant’s table by himself. Furthermore, he won’t have much backing in the courts. Dawn won’t be in the courtroom audience for the trial.

 As his mother, she said, “I cannot watch those people tear him to pieces.” Darrell Brooks Jr., a suspect in Waukesha and a wanted s*x offender in Nevada, was twice freed by WI officials. She is aware of how hateful Waukesha is toward him. She also said that he receives hate letters while incarcerated.

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However, she expressed her continued sympathy for the victims and their families by adding, “I extend them my sympathies. I really regret what occurred. And I will keep praying for them. Dawn Woods said that her kid is more of a risk to himself when asked whether she still thinks he is dangerous.

Early Life

Dawn Woods holds an American citizen and she belongs to the white race. Dawn Woods’s son is Darrell Brooks.