Where is Colin Stough of American Idol from? What about his Age & Parents?

Colin Stough, a talented singer, rose to prominence following his remarkable appearance on the 21st season of the globally renowned singing competition, The American Idol. American Idol is a popular reality singing competition television series that has been known for discovering and launching the careers of many successful musicians. Throughout the season, contestants perform live on television, and viewers at home vote for their favorite performers.

Colin Stough’s journey as a singer and performer began on the grand stage of The American Idol, catapulting him into the limelight. His captivating performances captivated audiences worldwide, propelling him into the spotlight. let’s learn about this rising captative singer in detail.

Colin Stough is from Mississippi

In addition to his musical pursuits on American Idol, Colin recently achieved a significant milestone in his academic journey by receiving his high school diploma in 2022. Throughout his time in high school, he also actively participated in football, demonstrating his versatile talents beyond the realm of music.

Born on July 28, 2004, in Mississippi, Colin Stough, now 18 years old, embodies a passion for singing that has been ingrained in him since he was conceived. Currently, he resides in Monroe County, Mississippi, in close proximity to his grandparents’ home, approximately 30 feet away. He shares his home with his mother, stepfather, and two beloved dogs, creating a warm and supportive environment for his budding career.

Colin proudly graduated from Hatley High School on May 20, 2022, an occasion marked with joy and celebration alongside his loved ones and his girlfriend, Emma Long.

While Colin’s vocal talents have garnered attention, he is not solely defined by his singing abilities. During his time at Hatley High School, he showcased his athleticism as a member of the boys’ varsity football team, further showcasing his multifaceted nature. His passion for the sport and his unwavering commitment led to noteworthy recognition when he was honored as the Alfa Insurance- Rock Agency player of the week during Hatley’s Week Six matchup with Noxubee County.

In addition to pursuing his singing career, Colin has found employment at Brown & Son Heat & Air, where he demonstrates his work ethic and commitment to excellence.

Meet the family of Colin Stough

Colin Stough came into the world as the son of Nara Johnson and an absent father. Tragically, Colin’s father departed, leaving him and his mother to face life’s challenges alone, struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

Nevertheless, Colin is fortunate to have a caring stepfather named Bunky Goza, who works at North Mississippi Health Services. Bunky Goza has stepped up to provide love and support for Colin and his mother in their time of need.

Colin Stough cherishes a strong and affectionate connection with his paternal grandparents. He holds his grandmother, Myra, in the same high regard as his mother, Nara, recognizing her as an equal pillar of love and guidance in his life.

Bunky Goza is the stepfather of Colin

Colin and his stepfather have a strong bond and a wonderful relationship. Robert Lamar “Bunky” Goza Jr., known as Bunky Goza, currently works as a healthcare provider in Amory. Before his current role, Bunky served as the Monroe County Emergency Operations director. He entered the healthcare field inspired by his father, Robert, who had a significant impact on his career.

Colin Stough Step Father

From the Info extracted from his Facebook, In 2012, he joined a trip aimed at supporting the victims of a tragedy on behalf of Monroe County and the State of Mississippi. Bunky is associated with the North Mississippi Medical Center, where he actively participates in voluntary activities, as evident from his social media accounts. He pursued his education at Itawamba Community College after graduating from Huston High School. In 1991, he completed his studies at Mississippi State University.

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Bunky’s parents are Robert Lamar Goza Sr. and Linda Ann Goza. His maternal grandparents were MM Bunk Lewis and Annie Lois Berry Lewis. Prior to marrying Colin’s mother, Bunky had a daughter named Kami Marie Goza from a previous marriage.

Colin’s mother, Nara is a HR Coordinator

Colin maintains an incredibly close relationship with his mother, always seizing opportunities to make her feel cherished. Their bond is so strong that they even have matching tattoos, and Colin proudly identifies himself as a momma’s boy.

Nara Johnson Goza, Colin Stough’s mother, works as a human resources coordinator at Diversicare of Amory. As per her Facebook, Originally from Gattman, Mississippi, she completed her education at Sulligent School before attending Bevill State Community College and The University of Alabama. Nara began her career in the healthcare industry on August 5, 2012, dedicating ten years to providing medical services in Amory, Mississippi.

Colin Stough Mother

Nara has always been a constant support in his life. In contrast, Colin revealed on the American Idol stage that his biological father prioritized drugs and addiction over his family. This period was challenging for the former athlete, but Nara made the courageous decision to end her marriage with Colin’s father and eventually started dating Bunky Goza. After several years of courtship, Nara and Bunky Goza tied the knot on May 25, 2019.

Nara had long been aware of her son’s deep passion for music. When he was just 5 years old, she gifted him a guitar, nurturing his musical aspirations. Recognizing Colin’s talent, she enrolled him in the American Idol audition to showcase his performance skills.

Colin Stough’s Girlfriend Emma M. Long is a law enforcement officer

For several years, he has been happily dating Emma M. Long. The couple has a close relationship and frequently posts photos of themselves on social media.

Colin Stough Girlfriend

In addition to her personal life, Emma leads a dynamic professional life as a law enforcement officer at the esteemed Amory Police Department. Notably, she recently graduated from the Police Academy, showcasing her dedication and commitment to serving and protecting her community. Alongside her law enforcement career, Emma also embraces her passion for modeling, successfully balancing her responsibilities as a part-time model.

Emma’s father, Detective Andy Long, serves as a distinguished member of the Amory Police Department. Inspired by her father’s noble profession, Emma aspired from a young age to follow in his footsteps, striving to become a police officer herself.

Emma’s bright future in law enforcement and modeling is bolstered by her affiliation with reputable agencies. She is represented by Onyx Model Management and New Icon NY, which offer her invaluable opportunities to showcase her talents and pursue her dreams.