Who is Claire Sidebottom? Abused at the bar in Manchester city center

Claire Sidebottom is 33 years old woman who was abused at a bar in Manchester city center.

She was attacked and robbed by the bouncers which seem an inhuman act as they were meant to protect and people instead of bullying them. People of every kind, size, and color should be respected equally as they possess equal rights in our society. But the 33 years old mom was bullied by the bouncers in the extreme way possible.

Claire Sidebottom was banned for being too “Ugly” to enter a club

Claire Sidebottom is a 33 years old mother of a child who was attacked and robbed by bouncers of  Bar Rouge in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester as she was told she is ugly to be in a club.

When  Sidebottom tried to record the misbehavior of the bouncer with her mobile, she was attacked and robbed by the bouncer Christopher cash. 

According to the report, while she was recording the behaviors that the bouncers were showing to her, the tires snitch her mobile from her hand, and in that process her mobile fell to the ground where one of the doormen grabbed her device and ran off whereas other remaining were laughing at her.

Moreover,  when she threatened to complain about the harassment she recently suffered she was grabbed and pulled forcefully and was threatened by the bouncer to not do anything about the incident. she was in complete shock as she was not able to process the situation that she got into. not only she was disturbed but she never got the device that was stolen from her.

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It not only cost her money but she was also not able to contact the hospital where his young son was being treated. along with that she also report to loss of her personal documents and photographs that were on that mobile.

Despite the fact that Miss Sidebottom lost faith indoor staff after the incident

Despite the fact that Miss Sidebottom lost faith indoor staff after the incident, those bouncers were brought to justice where they paid their price for bullying a mother and calling someone’s mother ugly.

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Although one of the victims died unexpectedly before he was able to be killed, Christopher Cash from Edgeley, Stockport admitted to the robbery, common assault, and possession of an offensive weapon and was ordered to pay £1,000 compensation to Miss Sidebottom

Claire Sidebottom Age, Family, Early Life

Claire Sidebottom is a 39 years old mother of a young sick boy who was under treatment when this shameful incident took place.

We will be updating this portion as soon as we get any information about Claire Sidebottom and her life until then it is believed that she is a mother of young children but there is no information surfaced or available on the internet about her husband or the boy’s father until now.

Claire Sidebottom Profession, What is it?

As she is labeled as a full-time mom we believe she does not have a job and spends all her time taking care of her son.

In what relationship does Claire Sidebottom currently reside?

Because she is a mother to young children, we assume she may be married or single.

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