Who is Chase Crossing? Does he reveal his Face? Facts to know About Him

Chase Crossing is a Canadian gaming Youtuber. Chase Crossing makes “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” videos. He uploaded his very first video on April 4, 2020. Chase is known for his Animal Crossing island tours, tutorials, and villager hunts on Youtube. Before the release of Animal Crossings.

Chase previously did Fortnite let’s play videos which are no longer visible on the channel. Chase also streams various games on Twitch.

Has Chase Crossing done a Face Reveal?

The Youtuber has posted a video on his channel stating that he was doing a face reveal. There was a catch. The Youtuber would reveal his face after doing a particular challenge. The challenge was that he would find every villager in Animal Crossing and then reveal his face.

As it stands, it’s impossible to know how long the Youtuber will take to find all the villagers in the game, but it is sure to make for good content. He is not the only Youtuber to attempt this feat. many YouTubers have found all the villagers in Animal Crossing, and there are even some guides.

What is Chase’s Real Name?

Chase Crossing has not revealed his real name to the public. However, he seems to be his actual first name and what he goes by in real life. The Youtuber has been very private about his life since posting on April 4, 2020. It is also known that the YouTuber is Canadian and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

chase crossing age

Before the release of Animal Crossing, Chase did a Fortnite stream and uploaded many videos of Fortnite. The Youtuber has become synonymous with the video game he is so connected with. Many people see him as the avatar he has picked for his channel.

Many people hope Chase Crossing’s face reveal will also lead to the Youtuber being more open about his life and sharing more of himself with his fans.

What is Chase Crossing’s Net Worth?

Chase Crossing’s net worth is approximately 100K+ Dollars. The YouTuber earns his income from his youtube videos.

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He has many videos which have millions of views on youtube. The longer a viewer stays on the video, the more money the content creator makes.

Chase Crossing on Online Platforms

As he is a content creator and streamer on Youtube. He has good followers. He has 221K+ subscribers on his Youtube. He has 14K+ followers on his Twitter handle.