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Ceon Broughton, a 31-year-old rapper, was arrested for photographing his girlfriend, Louella Fletcher-Michie, and was sentenced to prison. He was found guilty after capturing distressing footage of his girlfriend overdosing on his phone for six hours while she yelled, “This ain’t acid!” This was not what I expected.’

Ceon Broughton is a rapper from North London’s Enfield. CEONRPG is a musician who has collaborated with Skepta, a Mercury Award-winning artist. Broughton has previously collaborated with Wiley and other well-known grime acts.

Broughton was also found guilty of supplying Louella with the substance 2-CP before her death at the Bestival music festival at Winchester Crown Court. In 2019, he was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for the assassination of Louella Fletcher-Michie.

‘MONEY CAN’T HIDE HER PAIN’ Rapper who filmed Holby City star John Michie’s daughter as she overdosed & died raps ‘she took a pill’ in new song

A RAPPER has created a new song about a drug death after filming Holby City star John Michie’s daughter dying of an overdose. Ceon Broughton, 31, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for providing the narcotics that killed Louella Fletcher-Michie, 25, at Bestival in 2017.

However, his conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal a year later, much to Louella’s chagrin. The rapper has now released a new song titled Maze Runner, which appears to allude to the death of his fiancée.

“Money is the main goal,” the lyrics state. I treat life as if it were a game. And when things get too difficult, I drift away. She is well aware that she shares her feelings. As a result, she took a tablet. Money can no longer conceal her anguish.

“I’m surrounded by snakes… You got it this far, and I’m delighted you could see the stars; it could never be this difficult.”

The words “in this flesh I can’t go, break the cage, break the mold” and “summer her heart has flamed” are also includ in the song. Louella received the deadly dose of the hallucinogenic 2-CP substance from Broughton.

He then videotaped her overdosing for six hours while she pleaded with him to call her mother. Louella was seen scratching her skin and attempting to eat thorns in horrifying film, becoming confused, agitate, and gravely unwell.

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Broughton even turned his iPhone on himself at one point, showing himself smiling and fidgeting with a fidget spinner toy. On the morning of her 25th birthday, Louella was discover dead in the woods, just 430 yards from a medical tent.

Broughton was sentences to prison in 2019 after a jury at Winchester Crown Court found him guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence. Top justices reversed his conviction in August of last year, concluding that prosecutors failed to prove Louella might have survived if Broughton had asked for help. Ceon RPG, his rap moniker, has since released a number of tunes.

Ceon Broughton Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early Life.

On Wikipedia, Ceon Broughton does not have a name or a biography.

In terms of his age, Ceon Broughton will be 32 years old in 2021. Regrettably, his true date of birth remains disguised beneath the drapes.

ceon broughton family

When it comes to discussing his parents’ details, his father and mother’s identities are no longer visible. Likewise, it is unknown whether he has any siblings. On the internet, there is no trace of his brother or sister.

Ceon Broughton Net worth, how much did he earn?

The Net worth of Ceon Broughton is around $100K to $3 million dollars.

Ceon Broughton Girlfriend, His Relationship, What about Children?

Louella Fletcher-Michie was the girlfriend of rapper Ceon Broughton and the daughter of Street actor John Michie.

ceon broughton girlfriend

She died in September 2017 after consuming 2-CP at a music event. In September 2017, she died just hours before her 25th birthday at Bestival in Dorset.

Ceon Broughton Career

Mr. Michie and his wife Carol, who had earlier welcomed Broughton into their house and consider him innocent in the hours after Louella’s death in September 2017, were shock by the tapes. ‘I think Louella liked Ceon,’ Mr. Michie said in devastating court testimony. I’m not sure he was in love with her. I’m not sure how you can say you loved someone if you let them die in front of your eyes.’

Jurors at the Winchester Crown Court trial in 2019 sobbed as they watched footage of Louella’s distress as the drug’s effects showed her trying to eat thorns at one point. In one clip, artist Broughton turns his iPhone on himself to show him happy and fidgeting with a fidget spinner device while also selling his sweatshirt brand.

Make sure you’re taping this,’ Louella had said during one 50-minute video.

Now is the time to put a camera on me. Ceon has to be f****** recorded. Do not upload this to YouTube.’

She had also repeatedly yelled for him to contact her mother, and when they were finally reached, the sound of their daughter overdosing was so terrifying that they got in their car and drove 130 miles from London to the festival venue in Lulworth Castle, Dorset.

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They came too late to find her alive, which was heartbreaking. Broughton was seen holding Louella’s severely scratched hand by 10.41 p.m. that night, with a still photograph taken by him at 11.24 p.m. purporting to show her deceased at his feet.

However, Broughton’s conviction was overturned after his lawyer claimed that prosecutors had “failed to prove” that she would have survived if she had been treated sooner — a key element of the original case against him.

Where he attended his High school and University? What was his major?

As we all know that he is from the UK. So, most probably he must have completed his education from his home town. But the exact fact of his education has not been unpublished yet.

Ceon Broughton Social Media Reach

Unfortunately, he is not using social media. According to the research, his name contains both Twitter and Instagram account but it is not confirm that those accounts are his account.

Ceon Broughton FAQ’s

Ceon Broughton, a 31-year-old rapper, was arrested for photographing his girlfriend, Louella Fletcher-Michie, and was sentenced to prison.

A rapper Ceon Broughton is 35 years old in 2021.

Louella Fletcher-Michie was her girlfriend.

Yes, he is behind the bars.

He was making money by rapping.

Ceon Broughton’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

Height   N / A
WeightN / A
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Ceon Broughton’s which you should knows

EthnicityN / A
Zodiac SignN / A
Net Worth$100k to $3 Million
Single/ In a relationshipSingle
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseN / A