Who is Bernard Kalb Wife? Everything on Phyllis Bernstein

Learn more about the life and Relationship of Bernard Kalb, a legendary journalist and media critic who made a significant impact on the world of journalism throughout his career. This tribute explores Kalb’s early life, his influential career in journalism and diplomacy, and his personal life, including his relationship with his wife Phyllis and their four daughters. Discover more about the man behind the legacy and be inspired by his dedication to truth and integrity.

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A Look into Bernard Kalb Relationship with Wife Phyllis and Their Four Daughters

Bernard Kalb was married to Phyllis for over six decades and the couple had four daughters together: Tanah, Marina, Claudia, and Sarinah. The couple’s first daughter, Tanah, was born in Indonesia where Kalb served as a journalist from 1956 to 1961. The name “Tanah” means “earth” in Indonesian. Their other daughters, Marina, Claudia, and Sarinah, were born in Hong Kong, where Kalb worked for CBS News from 1962 until 1970.

Bernard Kalb Wife

In addition to his four daughters, Kalb also had nine grandchildren and four step-grandchildren. He was survived by his wife, Phyllis, his brother Marvin, and his four daughters at the time of his death.

Bernard Kalb, the first anchor of CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources, has died at the age of 100.

Bernard Kalb passed away on Sunday at his home in North Bethesda, Maryland, according to his family. Kalb was a longtime journalist and the original host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show.

He was 100. According to Marvin Kalb, Kalb’s younger brother, complications from a recent fall were the reason of his death.

“Bernard Kalb was an important figure in journalism, and his pioneering efforts to hold our profession to account are immeasurable. Everyone at CNN is sending our deep sympathies to his wife, children and the whole Kalb family,”.

Licht said:

Bernard Kalb’s Early Life and Influential Parents: Max and Bella Kalb

Bernard Kalb was born on February 4, 1922, in New York, New York. He was the son of Polish and Russian immigrants, Max and Bella Kalb. Kalb grew up in New York City with his brother, Marvin Kalb.

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Kalb received his B.S.S. degree from City College of New York and later went on to earn his M.A. from Harvard University. He was a member of the Aquarius zodiac sign and held American nationality.

Bernard Kalb Family

Throughout his childhood and early adult years, Kalb was heavily influenced by his parents and their experiences as immigrants to the United States. Max and Bella Kalb instilled in their sons a strong work ethic and a dedication to education, which undoubtedly played a role in Bernard Kalb’s successful career as a journalist and media critic.

Bernard Kalb’s Distinguished Career in Journalism and Diplomacy

Bernard Kalb had a long and illustrious career in journalism, covering foreign events for The New York Times, NBC News, and CBS News for over three decades. He was stationed in various locations around the world, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Paris, and Saigon, and gained a reputation as a skilled and respected foreign correspondent.

In recognition of his work, Kalb was awarded a fellowship from the Council on Foreign Relations at the conclusion of his time at The New York Times. He also received an Overseas Press Club Award for a 1968 Vietcong documentary. Along with his brother Marvin, Kalb went on several diplomatic missions with Henry Kissinger and co-wrote a biography of Kissinger as well as a book about the fall of Saigon in 1975 called “The Last Ambassador.”

In 1984, Kalb was named U.S. State Department spokesperson and Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, making him the first reporter to cover the State Department to be chosen as its spokeswoman. However, he resigned from this position in 1986 in protest of what he perceived to be a disinformation campaign by the Reagan administration against Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya.

Throughout the rest of his career, Kalb continued to work as a speaker and moderator, and from 1993 until 1998, he served as the original host and a panelist on CNN’s weekly program “Reliable Sources.” He was known for his commitment to upholding high journalistic standards and for his willingness to speak out against injustice and government wrongdoing.