Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Ileisha Dell

Ileisha Dell is a talented chef who has recently gained a surge of attention as a cast member on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4. This American reality television program premiered its first episode on February 3, 2020, and is a spin-off of the popular Below Deck franchise. The series documents the lives of crew members living and working aboard a 177-foot (44-meter) sailing boat during charter seasons in various locations such as Greece, Croatia, and Spain.

With the debut of its fourth season, the show has introduced a new set of skilled participants, including Ileisha Josephine Dell.

Ileisha’s appearance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 has provided her with a fantastic opportunity to showcase her talents as a private chef to a broader audience.

Ileisha Dell comes from an Australian family

Ileisha Dell was born in 1989, as of 2023, Ileisha’s age is 34 years old. Dell was born in New South Wales, Australia, and holds Australian nationality. She is currently based in Los Angeles. 

She shares a very close relationship with her mother

Ileisha Dell is totally a mommy’s girl. You can say so from her Instagram handle where she often posts with her mother who is active as @pariscatalley. Ileisha posted a heartwarming post whereby she and her mom posed a picture in Paris followed by a sweet caption explaining how Dell always wanted to take her mother to Paris and is very glad to be able to do so. Her mother is absolutely supportive and as well posts often with her daughter. 

Ileisha Dell Mother

She has also stated that her mother, in person or over Facetime, helped her get through each day. She also treasures her relationship with her mother and their friendship.

Ileisha Dell Grew up with her two siblings

Growing up in the beautiful Bondi Bay, New South Wales, Ileisha Dell, and her two sisters shared a close-knit bond that has lasted through the years. Despite the ups and downs of life, the siblings have managed to maintain a strong and unbreakable relationship.

One of Ileisha’s sisters, Magnolia Dell, is the proud owner of a boutique clothing store called Ziggy and Willow, located in the picturesque town of Byron Bay, New South Wales. The store offers an exclusive range of handmade women’s and children’s clothing, each piece designed with care and creativity.

Ileisha Dell Sister

However, despite her success as a business owner, Magnolia is a reserved and introverted person who prefers to keep to herself. This sometimes leads her to be less forthcoming about her personal life and interests.

Meanwhile, Ileisha’s other sister, Stellar Marshall, now resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Stellar values her privacy and chooses not to engage in any social media platforms. Despite her reserved nature, Stellar is a loving and supportive sister to Ileisha and Magnolia.

Ileisha had a Big brother named Mali Shen

Ileisha Dell took to Instagram recently to share a post about her late brother, Mali Shen. In the post, Dell shared a heartwarming picture of her mother and Mali Shen, revealing that her brother had passed away.

Ileisha Dell Sibling Brother

Mali Shen. I know you would have Been the most amazing big bro. I think about you every day. You make me want to make the most of every moment in life and to remember life can be short and end at any time. So let’s remember to be greatful of everyone we have in our lives. I love you. ❤️

Source: Instagram

The post was accompanied by a touching message from Dell’s mother, who commented on the photo to share more about her son’s passing. She revealed that Mali Shen had passed away on May 4th, 1988.

Dell’s parents like to live a quiet life away from the media

John Dell and Lou Whittaker Dell, the proud parents of three daughters including Ileisha Dell, have co-raised their children together. On the social media platform Instagram, Lou is recognized by her online alias, Paris Cat Alley. Despite their daughter’s fame, John and Lou have deliberately kept a low profile, avoiding public and media attention.

On social media, Ileisha Dell has publicly expressed her deep love and admiration for her mother, whom she affectionately calls “Mumma Bear.” She frequently posts pictures and messages describing her mother as the most beautiful woman she knows and thanks her for the gift of life, as well as her unconditional love and support.

She loves traveling

Ileisha Dell totally loves traveling. She has mentioned her love for traveling from time to time. Ileisha often goes on vacations to different places. She shares her holiday moments on her social media.

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She has been to Paris, Germany, and Sydney. Los Angeles and many more places for vacations and getaways. She is accompanied by her friends, family, and close ones in her travel diaries. 

Ileisha Dell has years of experience in the culinary world and works as a chef

As the excitement for Deck Below Yacht season 4 builds up, viewers can look forward to a new addition to the show’s crew, Ileisha Dell. With almost 17 years of culinary experience, Dell has been appointed as the head chef for the yacht, with the task of serving up delicious cuisine to enhance the guests’ experiences.

Dell’s impressive resume includes a six-year stint as a yacht chef, starting in 2014. According to Bravo, Dell has also served as a private chef for one of Sydney’s most famous households and has spent two years traveling with another family throughout the Mediterranean on their yacht.

Currently, Dell holds positions at Superyachts, Chiswick Restaurant, and Yachts International, showcasing her versatility in the culinary industry. Her Facebook page also lists her experience as a former pastry cook at Porch and Parlour and Aria Restaurant.

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Dell’s passion for cooking started at a young age, leading her to pursue a formal education at Le Chef College after graduating from Mullumbimby High School.

You can find Ileisha Dell on Instagram and TikTok

Ileisha Dell can be found on Instagram as @ileishadell with 5.6k+ followers. Her Instagram posts are all about vacations, food, and fun days. Her TikTok handle is @ileishadell