Missing: Aspen Jeter, Urgent Search for 5-years-old boy

Aspen Jeter is a 5 years old Girl who has gone missing after her mother was found dead by cops after a family member had requested cops to perform a welfare check on them as they were not in contact with another family since November 2022.

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What Happened to Missing 5 years old Aspen Jeter?

Aspen Jeter, 5, has been missing since her mother’s body was discovered on Thanksgiving. The deceased mother, Crystal Jumper, reportedly has not spoken to any of her other family members or relatives since November 2022. On Thanksgiving Day, deputies from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office visited a residence on Luise Drive, which is off North Road.

A family member had requested cops to perform a welfare check at the property, per the incident report, after not hearing from the woman for several weeks. The home’s yard was empty, according to the deputies, and when they knocked on the door, no one answered.

According to the report, an officer who strolled around the house noticed a smell of decay emanating from the back. Investigators quickly discovered that the deceased also had a child, Aspen Jeter, who was 5 years old. However, the child was not to be found.

Leroy Ravenell, the sheriff, begged anyone with information about the youngster to come forward and share it while maintaining their anonymity.

According to a statement from the sheriff, “If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this child, please let us know.” “Just tell us what you know; you don’t have to provide your name.”

When and where was Aspen Jeter born and raised? Her family explored

Aspen Jeter, a 5-year-old girl, was born sometime in 2017. Based on the public reports about her case, we assume she was living in Orangeburg County, in the US state of South Carolina.

Aspen Jeter Age

Aspen Jeter, age 5, has been missing since her mother, Crystal Jumper, was discovered dead in her home on Thanksgiving. Although her father, Antar Jeter, is also unreachable, there is no confirmation that he is a suspect.

A statement from the family and uncle of the missing girl

Aspen’s uncle, Pauley Jumper, said of the sweet infant, “We just want her home. Crystal Jumper’s brother is Pauley Jumper. The woman was discovered dead in her Louise Drive residence. Jumper claims that since November 1 he hasn’t heard from Crystal, which he claims is normal for his sister. He remarked, “She was a private person, she kept to herself.

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And now that Aspen and his niece have left, Jumper claims that unless Aspen is safely returned, he and his family will be unable to proceed with funeral preparations. He claims that due to an unusual handicap, she must return right away. He claims that Aspen’s condition prevents her from walking and speaking. Therefore, let’s all just pray that she would be found safely.