Mother and stepfather of Logan Mwangi jailed for murder

Mother and stepfather of Logan Mwangi jailed for murder

Angharad Williamson and Ben Mwangi are both the biological parents of Logan Mwangi who was mercilessly murdered by his own mother and his stepfather John Cole in 2021.

The mother and stepfather of Logan Mwangi were prisoned for the five-year-old’s murder.

Logan Mwangi, 5, died after months of physical abuse and confinement in the “dungeon” of his tiny, dark bedroom, and his mother and stepfather have been sentenced to life in prison.

Logan’s mother, Angharad Williamson, was informed that she must serve at least 28 years in jail before being eligible for release, while John Cole, her partner, must serve at least 29 years. A 14-year-old boy who was also found guilty of killing Logan was informed that he will spend at least 15 years in prison.

Williamson, 31, Cole, 40, and the teenage boy attempted to elude justice by disposing of Logan’s body in a river in the village of Sarn, South Wales while reporting their concern that he had been abducted. Logan died from injuries typically associated with those sustained in car accidents or falls from heights.

Logan was the victim of an unprovoked, brutal, ferocious, and horrifying attack, according to Mrs. Justice Jefford, who sentenced the defendants. She described Logan as a “wonderful child,” bright, talkative, and artistic.


She said: “Logan was particularly vulnerable because of his age. He was five years old, he was small. He was completely defenseless. Both his mother and stepfather were in a position of trust. They wholly breached that trust and did so against a background of dehumanizing Logan. What happened to Logan must have involved appalling mental and physical suffering. It is impossible to imagine the terror of a five-year-old as these horrific injuries were inflicted on him. His pain would have been intense.”

Jefford said the court had been told Williamson was a “fantastic mother” until she met Cole. She said: “Something changed and changed tragically. Your relationship shifted and Logan became superfluous.”

Williamson sobbed nonstop throughout the hearing, in contrast to the other defendants who showed minimal emotion.

The judge described the couple’s treatment of Logan in the days leading up to the murder when he was still nursing Covid, as “severe,” including keeping him segregated in his room behind a baby gate and making him turn away when food delivery personnel arrived.

She claimed that although she thought Logan was killed by Cole and the young man, Williamson must have been involved because she did nothing to defend him. The three conspired in a “careful and deliberate” scheme to conceal the murder.


In a statement read out in court, Logan’s father, Ben Mwangi, paid tribute to “the sweetest and most beautiful boy”.

He said: “I was at work when police officers came and told me about the death of Logan. They told me his body had been found in the river. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and collapsed on the floor and hit my head and felt like every fiber of my body had died and couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t understand how something like this had happened to my son. I’m devastated I couldn’t have been there to protect him.

“I keep experiencing recurring nightmares. Logan comes to me to tell me he’s OK and to check that I’m OK. He runs into my arms and I hold him tight, but he then slowly disappears. I wake up screaming and crying.”

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He continued: “Logan was the sweetest and most beautiful boy whose life has been tragically cut short. The world is a colder and darker place without his warm smile and the happy energy with which he lived his life. The hole that has been left in the hearts of all who knew him will never be filled. I loved him so much. I’ll never get to see him grow up to be the wonderful man he would have been.”

Angharad Williamson and Ben Mwangi’s Age.

Angharad Williamson is a woman of 31. There are no details on the age of Ben Mwangi. The personal information of Ben and Angharad is all under review.

angharad williamson and ben mwangi family

Angharad Williamson and Ben Mwangi’s relationship. What happened to their only child?

Angharad and Ben were former partners. Abs apparently they divorced. But they did have a child named Logan Mwangi.

The little 5 years old was in the custody of his mother and used to live with his stepfather and mom. Unfortunately, he experienced a lot of pain and struggles to live with them and died in the year 2021. The suspects for his death, his very own mother and stepfather are now prisoned.