Andrew Burfield, 51, Charged with Murder of Katie Kenyon, 33

Andrew Burfield is accused of murdering Katie Kenyon of Padiham, Lancashire, on April 22.

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A jury has heard testimony from a guy who is accused of killing a lady and burying her in a makeshift grave. He claims the woman died accidentally when he swung an axe at a tree.

On the third day of his trial, Andrew Burfield abruptly changed his plea and admitted to killing mother-of-two Katie Kenyon. After killing Katie, 33, Burfield attempted to hide his tracks by using her phone to send texts to himself and her children.

Before Katie’s corpse, which had been whacked 12 times with an axe, was discovered in a wooded area, she had been missing for seven days.

According to testimony presented during Burfield’s trial, he murdered Katie, a resident of Padiham, Burnley, on April 22 and buried her corpse in a hole he had excavated the day before her passing in the Lancashire Forest of Bowland.

The mum had previously sent messages revealing how scared she was of Burfield, texting her mum:

“I’m paranoid to death hes ganna do summert… couldn’t sleepall night xxxx [sic]”.

Only a few weeks later, the mother was murdered by sick Burfield, who then faked texts from Katie purporting to be to her son and daughter’s father.

One alleged fake text to Katie’s mum read:

“This is the bravest thing I’ve ever had to do, I need to find some peace and sort my mind out.” So with the 6k, Andy gave me to pay the debt off I’m being free for a while until I figure all this s*** out.”

Despite being questioned by police four times, Burfield repeatedly denied knowing where Katie was, according to testimony presented during the trial. However, there was a “surprise” in his last interrogation, and his account of what happened altered, according to prosecutor David McLachlan KC.

Gisburn Forest

Burfield, a Burnley resident, told police that Katie, with whom he had been seeing since 2019, had “bet” him she couldn’t be struck by his axe when they were picnicking in Gisburn Forest.

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According to testimony given in court, he reportedly told police, “I went for the tree at her side and it, it smacked her in the head.” He insisted that she had only been struck by the axe’s back and had no additional injuries, but the jury learned that a postmortem revealed she had been struck at least 12 times.

 Seven days after she was reported missing, on April 29, police found Katie’s corpse. Burfield is scheduled to get a sentence at 10.30 am on Thursday.

Early Life

Andrew Burfield is 51 years old. He holds a British Citizen and he belongs to the white race.