Amber Massey and Nanny Dana Schutz: What happened to them in drama? Relationship details

It would appear that the relationship between influencer Amber Massey and Nanny Dana Schutz has reached a standstill. Both of them are embroiled in an ongoing fight, and people on the internet are highly interested in learning more about it.

Amber is a mother of five children, in addition to being a blogger and an internet influencer. Exactly in this manner does she display herself to others.

Amber Massey And Nanny Dana Schutz In A Drama, What Really Happened Between The Two?

Do you remember the occasions when Dana Schultz was allowed to spend time with Amber Massey’s children? Oh, how the times have changed, and with those changes come to both highs and lows. Danny’s Instagram account has been idle since the 30th of June when she made her most recent post. On the other hand, Amber has removed her as a follower, and so, her images are no longer accessible through Amber’s Instagram account. This topic is making a fuss on Reddit, Twitter, and a number of other social media handles.

Everyone is interested in discovering what might have gone wrong between the two of them; but, despite the various discussions that have taken place, the same level of perplexity has surfaced. The fact that many people say that they might have signed an NDA explains why nobody has come forward to explain the chilly relationship between the two sides. It is said that Dana Had abandoned her nursing program in order to look after Amber’s children, and it is said that she did everything in her power to bring up the children.

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The fact that Amber was frequently seen leaving her children in the care of a babysitter in order to hang out with other Instagram influencers was something that her admirers could not help but notice. The fact that Dana is no longer a part of the Massey family is unexplained, despite the fact that numerous of them had accurately identified it. In point of fact, as of right now, she has entirely severed all ties to her social media accounts.