Who was Alexandra Morgan? Killed by 41 Psychopath Mark Brown, How old is she?

Alexandra Morgan was an innocent girl, killed by the guy who called himself a “psychopath with a conscience” and kept one of his victims, hostage, for months in a shipping container.

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Police arrested a self-confessed “psychopath” after he killed two women and burned one of them in an oil drum.

 At the start of his trial at Hove Crown Court, Mark Brown, a groundwork laborer from St Leonards, East Sussex, was charged with the murders of Leah Ware, 33, and Alexandra Morgan, 34. To both counts, Brown has entered a not-guilty plea. The jury was informed that Brown had connected with both of his claimed victims through the escort website Adultwork.com.

He kept Ware as a “willing prisoner” during an increasingly dominating relationship and had an interest in “extreme sexual practices,” the court was informed. The prosecutor Duncan Atkinson KC told the court that after killing Ware on May 7, 2021, he continued to collect her benefit payments and prescribed drugs for anxiety and depression to give the appearance she was still alive.

The court heard that in a note to a school friend, Brown described himself as a “psychopath with a conscience”.

He also wrote that he had done things that “weigh heavily on my heart, in my head and soul”. The note said he had burned “something” in an oil drum, which he said had been a “very unpleasant thing to do”, the jury was told.

After Brown was presented with “incontrovertible” evidence of Morgan’s death, Atkinson told the jury, “it is understood that he now says that her death was an accident which he sought to cover up in panic”.

He added: “He maintains that Leah Ware, who similarly has not been seen alive since she was with the defendant at his lockup, is alive.

“The prosecution invites you to reject these latest accounts as false … and rather to accept the clear pattern of evidence that shows the defendant to have been responsible for the deliberate killing of each woman, and the disposal of their bodies.”

In text messages to Ware

Brown admitted he would “take it out on you” during arguments, Atkinson said. She told a friend she was a “sort of voluntary prisoner at the lockup”, the jury heard.

Atkinson said: “She explained that she was not allowed to have friends to the yard, and he would bring things to her like medication, food and supplies rather than allowing her to leave the yard to get them.”

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She told another friend that Brown wanted to photograph her bound and gagged. To another she described Brown as creepy or weird after the friend expressed surprise that she was living in a dark container, the jury heard.

The jury was informed that on November 14, 2021, Brown murdered Morgan and burnt her corpse in an oil barrel. The bones and teeth of Morgan were found in a skip in a yard where Brown was working, the court heard.

According to evidence presented in court of Alexandra Morgan Death

Brown referred to himself as a “psychopath with a conscience” in a message to a school buddy. Ware was dedicated to her two dogs, Duke and a pomeranian named Lady, who traveled everywhere with her, the jury was informed.

According to Atkinson, Brown moved Duke in with his sister after murdering Ware. Lady hasn’t been seen since Ware vanished, but the jury was informed that pomeranian bones were discovered in a pond nearby, at the end of a collar and leash that were linked to a dumbbell.

The remnants of Ware have never been located. The jury heard Brown’s many tales of what happened to her.

Mark Brown

The court was informed that he told police she was still alive, claimed she had been sectioned in a communication to one friend, then said she had committed suicide in a message to a different friend. A picture of an oil barrel that Brown allegedly used as an incinerator was shown to the jury.

Images of a converted shipping container on a property that Brown leased and allegedly used to murder his victims were also displayed to the jury. Atkinson said that Ware, who is from the East Sussex town of Hastings, “had had something of a turbulent life, with a history of mental illness and drug use.”

She had lost custody of her three kids, he said the jurors, and she had a “history of violent relationships in which she was frequently dominated and manipulated.”

Court record

Brown contacted her in 2018 while using the alias “fistymc” on the Adultwork website. Ware referred to Brown as her “sugar daddy” when they first started living together, according to Atkinson. The court was informed that he had started to receive her welfare payments. According to testimony given in court, Morgan raised her two children alone in Cranbrook, Kent.

As a sex worker, Atkinson claimed to the court that she had set up Brown’s meeting with her at Little Bridge Farm, a location he had leased nearby in Hastings.

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She may be seen on CCTV video from her white Mini Cooper following Brown’s gold Jaguar into the property, according to Atkinson.

The automobile was subsequently located and had new license plates, the court was informed. According to Atkinson, Brown’s companion has acknowledged to aiding him in removing the automobile from the property. The experiment is still ongoing and is anticipated to last six weeks.

Alexandra Morgan is 34 years old at the time of her demise. She holds a British Citizen and belongs to the white race.