Alex Khadavi, A celebrity Dermatologist, is accused of going on a homophobic rampage, Wife, Age, Family

Dr. Alex Khadavi is accused of launching a homophobic rant at his homosexual neighbors, which was recorded on camera.

A dermatologist in Los Angeles with a slew of celebrity clientele apparently embarked on an expletive-laden homophobic rant directed at his homosexual neighbors earlier this month, prompting their request for a restraining order.

According to TMZ, Dr. Alex Khadavi, who has treated Lance Bass and Scott Disick, allegedly made the threatening statements about the two men to his building’s concierge during a caught-on-camera outburst in the lobby of his West Hollywood condo complex on July 7.

“I’m going to f—k you up. According to the video, Khadavi allegedly shouted against his neighbors to the building’s concierge.

“No one tells me what to do,” she says. My parents do not inform me… I’m going to f—king shoot you in the face.

The man teases, ‘I’ll shoot you in the f**king face, f**king f****t!’ during a foul-mouthed diatribe that lasts more than a minute.

He then screams, ‘I’ll blow your f**king head off!’

As Khadavi enters the camera with his dog on a leash, someone on the video asks, “Who?”

It wasn’t immediately obvious what had triggered Khadavi’s rage.

According to the article, both neighbors sought restraining orders against the doctor.

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Khadavi had already been in the news for allegedly making racist remarks.

According to the article, Matt Altman, the star of “Million Dollar Listing,” obtained a restraining order against Khadavi in 2016, alleging that the doctor threatened him and made anti-Semitic slurs.

Khadavi could not be reached for comment right away. On Thursday, a lady who answered the phone at this office claimed he was treating a patient.