Facts about Alésia Delaney, Bachelor Australia Contestant, Actress and Real Estate agent

Alésia-Françoise Delaney, also known as Alésia Delaney, is a reality television star from Australia who gained notoriety after participating in The Bachelor Australia 10’s ninth season. Learn about her upbringing, career, and past relationships with Justice Crew’s Lenny Pearce, including her time on The Bachelor Australia and her love for her dog and her height.

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Alésia Delaney is a Sydney native

Alésia Delaney, a 28-year-old native of Sydney, born in 1995, has been making waves in the entertainment and real estate industries.

Alesia Delaney Childhood

Born and raised in the bustling city of Sydney, Delaney has always had a passion for performing and helping others find their dream homes.

She’s a Paw-fect Dog Mom

Delaney is a proud dog mom and her dog makes regular appearances on her Instagram account @alesiafracoise. She has shared pictures of her dog from 2004 and 2016 with the caption, “My baby since forever.”

Alesia Delaney Dog

The pictures show the bond she has with her dog and how much she treasures her furry companion.

Alésia Delaney is a Real estate agent and an Actress

Alésia Delaney is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a successful Real Estate agent, but she also has a background in acting. This Sydney native’s passion for both industries has led her to achieve great success in both fields.

In the world of Real Estate, Delaney began her career as a leasing agent for Bradfield Cleary Real Estate and later worked as a sales assistant for KOOKAI Australia. In May 2018, she joined Bresic Whitney as a Real Estate Sales Agent, where she quickly rose to become one of the top agents among her colleagues.

Delaney’s clients have been responding well to her services, and she regularly shares their positive feedback on her Instagram stories.

But Delaney’s talents don’t stop there. She also has a background in acting, she has performed in The Great Gatsby as a background actress, proving that she had a legitimate agent. This experience has helped her to be more confident and expressive when communicating with her clients, which is an important skill in the real estate industry.

Alésia Delaney has made a debut in TV shows

Alésia Delaney, is making her reality TV debut on the 10th season of The Bachelor Australia. The show, which premiered on January 23, 2023, features 30 contestants competing for the affection of “Felix Von Hofe, Jed Mclntosh, and Thomas Malucelli,” the three bachelors of this season.

Delaney announced her involvement in the show on Instagram with the message, “So… I wasn’t actually in Europe #TheBachelorsAU.” Her followers have been eagerly anticipating her appearance on the program, as they have been following her journey on social media.

Alesia Delaney Bachelor Australia

On the show, Delaney is hoping to win the affection of Jed Mclntosh. She has been open about her dislikes and turn-offs, stating that dishonesty and lack of sincerity are major deal-breakers for her. She is known for being straightforward and genuine, and these traits will surely make her stand out on the show.

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This is the first time that The Bachelor Australia has featured three bachelors, which means that the competition will be even more intense. But Delaney is no stranger to competition, as she is also a successful Real Estate agent and has a background in acting. Her ability to handle pressure and stay true to herself will undoubtedly be an asset on the show.

Alésia Delaney has an elder Brother

We all know that Alésia Delaney is making waves in the entertainment and real estate industries. But behind every successful person, there is a support system that helps them achieve their goals. For Delaney, that support system is her elder brother, whom she refers to as “Juju.”

Delaney has always been close to her brother and regularly shares pictures of them together on her Instagram account. She has never failed to send birthday wishes to her brother, and in 2020 she wished him a happy 30th birthday. From the pictures and posts.

Alésia dated Justice Crew’s Lenny Pearce

Delaney used to date Lenny Pearce, who is one of the twins in the popular Australian band Justice Crew. Lenny is the brother of The Wiggles guy and was a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. The couple was together for a while and shared a strong bond. However, they eventually went their separate ways but remained on good terms.

Alesia Delaney Ex-Boyfriend

Delaney’s relationship with Lenny Pearce was brought up during her time on The Bachelor of Australia.

“she told everyone in the house she used to date a guy from Justice Crew, but no one cared. Everyone was rolling their eyes.”

Alesia Delaney’s has a decent Height

Delaney stands have a height of 5ft 5 inches or 165 cm in terms of Centimeters and 1.65 meters, which is considered to be on the shorter side for a female. But Delaney has never let her height hold her back. Instead, she has used it to her advantage and has proven that height is just a number.

Fans Can Keep Up With Alésia Delaney Through her Social Media

Delaney is active on Instagram as @alesiafracoise where she has 11.6k followers. Her account showcases her journey as a reality TV star, Real Estate agent, and her personal life. She posts pictures and stories of her daily life, her clients, and her interactions with the contestants on The Bachelor Australia.

Her followers have been eagerly following her journey on social media and are excited to see her on the small screen.

Alésia Delaney is McDonald’s College Graduate

Delaney attended Blue Mountains Beauty College, where she studied marketing and business. However, her true passion was in the performing arts and she knew she had to pursue it. She then received her degree from McDonald’s College of the Performing Arts. The college is well-known for its excellent performing arts programs and has produced many successful graduates in the industry.

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Delaney’s education from McDonald’s College has been instrumental in her success in both her acting and real estate careers. Additionally, she also took beauty courses at The Academy of Makeup to further enhance her skills.