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3-year-old, Albie Speakman, Parents pay tribute to his death in a tractor crash in Bury

The 3-year-old kid who died after being run over by a tractor has been officially identified by police as Albie Speakman.

After his death on Saturday, the toddler’s mother Leah referred to him as “affectionate and compassionate” and a “little sunshine child.”

Pictured is a mother paying tribute to her son, an “affectionate youngster who loved to play,” who died at age 3 after being struck by a tractor on a farm.

Albie Speakman, a 3-year-old kid, has been identified as the victim of a tractor accident on a farm. His mother Leah paid tribute to her very affectionate, kind, and caring “sunshine boy,” who liked to play and wanted everyone to be happy. He passed away in the Tottington neighborhood of Bury after a vehicle on Rochdale Old Road carrying a badly injured three-year-old toddler signaled for an ambulance to halt.

Yesterday just before 12:45 p.m., North West Ambulance Service called Greater Manchester Police, but the boy was pronounced dead by paramedics before he could be transferred to the hospital.

Leah remarked, “He was extremely sensitive and wanted everyone to be alright, especially the people he loved.” He would always hunt for little round items wherever he went, including stones, polystyrene balls, bouncy balls, and beads. I’m not sure why, but he simply loved everything round and would just grasp onto them. He loved to play, whether it was with his family or friends at nursery.

His favorite recollections were playing with a ball and a bucket and spade at Cleethorpes beach. His happiest times were spent there, where we were carefree and full of life. Nothing else mattered since it was just Albie and me.

Every time I would ask him what he wanted to do, he would reply, “Go on vacation to the beach again.” This is how I knew he was truly content there. We all adore Albie more than words could ever express, especially his Nan and his “Nanny-Nanny,” as he would refer to her.

Irreparably Damaged

Albie’s voice, grin, smell, and the feel of his small hands on my face when he said, “I love you mummy girl,” are all things I will sincerely miss. Nothing will ever be able to make up for the void that Albie has left in our hearts; we are irreparably damaged. I’ll particularly miss going on excursions with Albie Speakman wherever and whenever we could have fun.

“I constantly refer to him as my little sunshine boy because he is my little ray of sunshine and has brought so much brightness into my life. I don’t want his life to end here; I need to continue living for him and take him with me wherever I go.

Albie Speakman, there are still so many more memories we can create. We need one another, therefore I know he will eventually find his way back to me since I love him so much. Up until then, I’ll remember him in everything I do and honor his life.

Although I’m unsure of how to live without you, I’ll do my best to support you and do you proud. Investigations yesterday revealed that Albie’s critical wounds were caused by a collision with a tractor on farms off Bentley Hall Road.

While detectives from Bury CID and the Health and Safety Executive try to determine the details of the incident, the tractor’s driver is supporting police with their inquiries. A scene is still in place at the property. On Rochdale Old Road, a scene was set up so that preliminary inquiries could be made. The blockade has now been removed.


The boy’s family is receiving help from specialized officers, and Greater Manchester Police ask that their privacy be maintained during this terrible time. “This is a heartbreaking tragedy that has seen a young child tragically lose his life,” Chief Inspector Ian Partington of GMP’s Bury area said. “My prayers go out to his family and loved ones who will be completely heartbroken by today’s events.”

The boy’s family flagged down an ambulance and drove him as swiftly as they could to the hospital, but despite their efforts, paramedics were unable to rescue him; I can’t imagine how upsetting this must have been for everyone involved.

“We are working to make sure that a thorough investigation is carried out, and the farmland where we believe this incident to have occurred remains cordoned off to allow our investigators and partners from the HSE to conduct thorough investigations to establish exactly what has occurred here,” the statement reads.

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Strangers have flocked to social media to wish the boy’s family well, calling the crash “tragic,” “terrible,” and “heartbreaking.” At the moment the boy’s relatives alerted rescuers to his condition, there was reportedly a second, unrelated collision on Rochdale Old Road, adding to the tragedy.

As officers arrived at the scene to provide emergency services, a Greater Manchester Police cruiser also collided with another vehicle. No police officers were hurt, however, several passengers in the car were brought to the hospital as a precaution, according to GMP.