World War 3??

3rd World War

There is a delusion from the mainstream established I believe by exposure to Television fiction and film fantasy. The assumption is the next war, should it happen? and the doom ends everything.

Many individuals get excited at the idea of the idea and World War III that it’ll wipe the slate clean. Setting the platform for a favorable reformation from the ashes


For a long time, a battle between East and West has not been inevitable. And this battle will be an economical one. This notion will confuse activists and some analysts from the liberty movement. 


There is a strange obsession with these individuals to the idea that there division that is international and that this. The division includes authorities on both verses authorities on the other. Nothing might be further from the truth.

Taking into account the fact that the very same globalist reps and associations that permeate Western politics and finance ALSO. Sit in places of influence in countries such as Russia and China, I believe it is difficult to think. There is any kind of division in the top echelons of their individual energy structures.

For all intents and purposes, that the same poisonous influences, in Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan to Rothschild run businesses to Henry Kissinger, all loom over Eastern economic policy and politics as well. 


The bottom line is this: Russia and China are from complete support of globalist control associations like the Bank for International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund.

The authorities of both countries have called for the IMF to maintain their Special Drawing Rights basket currency frame as a basis for a brand new world reserve currency system.

Again, both Russia and China want the IMF, a globalist controlled entity, to become that the de facto ruler of a brand new global monetary structure. 


This call for a complete world monetary shift is not being taken as seriously as it must have been, mainly because mainstream economists argue that there’s no alternative to the extremely liquid U.S.

This is no longer true, though. With that the rise of simple to generate cryptocurrencies and that the easily traceable blockchain exchange mechanism, globalists now have that the perfect liquidity tool to replace the dollar as world reserve. All they need now is a crisis event to provide cover for that the transition.