What is Binley Mega Chippy? The Legend Why It’s So Popular

Binley Mega Chippy, located in Coventry, England, serves fish and chips, doner kebab, and fried chicken. In early 2022, it became the topic of ironic memes on Twitter and TikTok. The trend is comparable to Cash Pope memes and is tied to other British irony phenomena like Blokecore. Since 2004, Binley Mega Chippy has been in use. The eatery became a popular hangout for residents throughout the 2000s.

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Why is it a meme?

You’ve undoubtedly seen a video about Binley Mega Chippy if you’ve been on TikTok in the last few days. There is a song about the chippy to give you a sense of how far the meme has traveled on social media.

It’s something that one person thought was funny and immediately spread to everyone else, and we have to confess that if we saw a business calling itself a ‘mega chippy,’ we’d probably think it was funny as well.

Reason Behind Binley Mega Chippy Trending

On May 18th, 2022, the TikTok account binleymegachippyfan53 posted two Binley Mega Chippy’s TikTok. In eight days, the first one, which employed the AUGHHHH sound, earned around 3,100 plays and almost 200 likes.

In just eight days, the second video, which inquired if Yuji Itadori from the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen would appreciate Binley Mega Chippy’s, had over 3,300 views and 200 likes.

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Other TikTokers saw the trend and joined in, and some even altered their nicknames to relate to Binley Mega Chippy’s. The MORBIUS MEAL has been introduced by BINLEY MEGA CHIPPY!!! Furthermore, the Twitter handle BinleyMegaChip began tweeting memes in May 2022. They tweeted a fish and chips meal dubbed the “MORBIUS MEAL” that comes with a Mug Root Beer on May 23rd, 2022.