Sig Hansen comes from a family of fishermen, Including his Brother, Father & Mother

Sig Hansen is an American fisherman and reality television personality. He was born on April 28, 1966, in Seattle, Washington, USA. Sig Hansen is best known for his appearances on the reality television show “Deadliest Catch,” which airs on the Discovery Channel. The show follows the lives of fishermen in the dangerous waters of the Bering Sea as they catch king crabs and other types of fish.

Hansen is the captain of the fishing vessel Northwestern, which has been featured on the show since its debut in 2005. Hansen has also written a book called “North by Northwestern: A Seafaring Family on Deadly Alaskan Waters,” which details his experiences as a fisherman and his family’s history in the fishing industry.

The Root of Fishermen, Sig Hansen Family Overview

Sigurd Jonny Hansen, the firstborn of three siblings, was born in Seattle, a city located in the northwestern United States. He has two younger brothers named Norman and Edgar. Their father, Sverre Hansen, came from a family with a rich heritage of Norwegian ancestry fishermen. Sverre’s father and grandfather were trailblazers in the opilio crab fishing industry in Alaska.

Sig Hansen Parents

He embarked on his fishing journey by joining his family’s crew on their fishing boat at the tender age of 14. After graduating from high school, he decided to pursue his passion and dedicated himself to fishing year-round. His fishing expeditions took him to the vast expanses of Alaska and the treacherous Bering Sea, where he spent approximately 10 months out of the year.

Meet Late Snefryd Hansen, Mother of Sig Hansen

The late mother of Sig Hansen, one of the captains featured on the popular television show Deadliest Catch, was a crucial figure in his life and career. Her unwavering support and presence on the show made her a familiar face to fans of the series. But her story goes beyond her appearances on TV.

According to, Hansen’s mother was raised in Kaien and graduated from high school at the age of 15. She then moved to Bergen, where she worked in the hospitality sector. At the age of 25, she started working for her fiancé Sverre Hansen, who was one of the pioneers of the American crab industry. They got married in January 1964 at the Rock of Ages Lutheran Church in Ballard, just a few days after arriving in America.

After a brief period in Alaska, they settled in Shoreline, Washington, where they had their three sons – Sigurd, Norman, and Edgar. As the wives of fishermen, Hansen’s mother and many other Norwegian women had to take on the role of both mother and father while their husbands were away at sea.

In retirement, the couple built a miniature replica of Norway at their cabin on Whidbey Island’s Lagoon Point. They spent many weekends by the water, surrounded by family and friends. Despite her passing, her memory lives on through her surviving family members, including her younger brother, three sons and their spouses, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Sig Hansen’s mother Snefryd Hansen passed away at the age of 83

Snefryd Hansen, the mother to Sig Hansen, had always been a strong supporter of her family’s business, which operated the FV Northwestern commercial fishing vessel in Alaska. She played an active role in the success of their business and was a vital member of their team.

On October 20, 2022, Snefryd Hansen passed away at the age of 83. She was born on Jan 16, 1939, in Akrehamn, Norway, and was raised by her parents, Nelly and Jorgen Jakobsen, in Kaien. Her passing was deeply felt by her family and friends.

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To honor Snefryd’s memory, the Deadliest Catch World shared a heartfelt tribute on November 2, 2022. They posted a touching photo of Snefryd and expressed their condolences to the Hansen family for their loss. Snefryd’s contributions to the fishing industry and her unwavering support for her family will always be remembered and cherished by those who knew her.

Sig Hansen has two younger brothers

The eldest of three sons, Sig grew up in a family of three siblings. The brothers of Sig Hansen are Norman and Edgar.

Norman Hansen the second son of the Hansen family

Norman Hansen was born on April 24, 1967, as the second child of a Norwegian fishing family. From an early age, he and his brothers accompanied their father and grandfather on fishing trips to Norway during the summers. Growing up in a family with a rich fishing heritage, Norman’s passion for the sea was ingrained in him.

As an adult, Norman pursued a career in fishing, and he became a deckhand on the Northwestern, a commercial fishing vessel that operated in the perilous waters of Alaska. Norman’s role on Northwestern was crucial, and he worked hard to ensure the success of each fishing expedition.

Sig Hansen Brother Norman Hansen

However, Norman’s life took a drastic turn when he experienced a seizure due to a head injury while aboard the Northwestern. The injury was severe, and Norman had to take time off work to recover. Although he made a full recovery, the incident left him questioning whether he could continue fishing in the dangerous waters of Alaska.

Norman’s wife Samantha has been his biggest support throughout his recovery.

Edgar Hansen is the youngest among Hansen’s siblings

Edgar Hansen, the youngest sibling of the Hansen family, was born on January 14, 1971, and is currently 52 years old. He is married to his wife, Louise, and has three kids. For several years, Edgar was an integral part of the popular reality TV show “Deadliest Catch,” which aired on the Discovery Channel. He worked on his brother’s boat, the Northwestern, from the ninth season of the show until the fourteenth season.

Sig Hansen Brother Edgar Hansen

However, in July 2018, Edgar Hansen pleaded guilty to fourth-degree violent assault, which effectively ended his career on the show. Consequently, he is unlikely to appear on the show ever again.

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The incident that led to Edgar’s guilty plea occurred in the fall of 2017. A 16-year-old resident of Mountlake Terrace reported to her therapist that she had a disturbing encounter with Edgar Hansen. She claimed that he had touched her inappropriately while she was asleep, leaving her feeling violated and traumatized.

As a result of the allegations, Edgar Hansen was given a 364-day jail term with a suspension.

Sig Hansen has a happily married life

Sig Hansen’s family consists of his wife June Hansen of 24 years, and their three children, including Melissa Eckstrom, Sig’s biological daughter from a previous marriage, and their two adoptive children, Nina and Mandy. The family resides in Seattle, where they support each other through thick and thin.

In season 15 of Deadliest Catch, the show ended on a cliffhanger as June Hansen had just been diagnosed with a life-altering disease. Viewers were left worried about her health, and Sig was inconsolable after realizing the severity of the situation.

Sig Hansen Wife June Hansen

However, June Hansen is just as strong as her sea captain spouse, and she appeared at the 71st Creative Arts Emmy Award with Sig by her side, despite her diagnosis. Fortunately, according to a Discovery representative, June’s cancer was caught early, and she was doing well.

Meet Mellisa Eckstrom, the daughter of Sig and his former wife

Mellisa Eckstrom, the daughter of Sig Hansen and Lisa Eckstrom, is a well-known Seattle-based attorney. Despite her parents’ short-lived relationship, she is best known as the daughter of Sig Hansen, a popular actor from the reality TV show Deadliest Catch.

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Following their divorce in 1992, Sig was granted visitation rights with his firstborn daughter, but he decided to forego his parental rights. Melissa, who is currently in her mid-30s, completed her legal education at the Seattle University School of Law and practiced law there before establishing the Eckstrom Law Firm, PLLC in Mukilteo, Washington, where she serves as the Managing Member.

Sig Hansen Daughter Mellisa Eckstrom

In 2017, Mellisa brought a case against her father in the County Superior Court, which drew significant media attention. She alleged that her father had molested her when she was only two years old in 1990. Despite the controversy surrounding her relationship with her father, Mellisa continues to make a name for herself as a successful attorney in Seattle.

Meet Hansen adopted child Nina

Nina is the eldest child of June, and she was adopted by Hansen after he married her. Currently, Nina is in her early thirties. In season 12 of The Deadliest Catch, Nina made a brief appearance in one of the episodes. The episode opened with a producer speaking to the captain, who was exhibiting symptoms of a heart attack.

Sig Hansen Adopted Daughter Nina

Nina has opted for a conventional suburban lifestyle, which is in stark contrast to her father and younger sister. Her complete name was revealed as Nina Elisa Wheeler on her private Instagram account with the username @niinaeliiisa.

The Deadliest Catch star’s youngest daughter is Mandy Hansen

Mandy, who hails from Seattle and is the youngest member of the Hansen family, made her first television appearance at the tender age of thirteen. She impressed the show’s producers and was subsequently hired as a full-time cast member for the franchise in 2014.

Sig Hansen Daughter Mandy Hansen

In 2019, Mandy’s father, who is also a cast member of the show, revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he was contemplating retirement. He further added that he had no qualms about passing on ownership of the Northwestern, their family’s fishing vessel, to Mandy and her husband Clark. This gesture demonstrated his faith in their ability to take over the family business and ensure its continued success.