Everything about Sheree Zampino's Net Worth and Early Life

Everything about Sheree Zampino’s Net Worth and Early Life

The famed American celebrity wife Sheree Zampino has a less net worth figure than her ex-husband Will Smith. Sheree Zampino is the season 12 cast of The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. She will appear in the next episode of Red Table Talk. Know more about her in the following lines.

How much is Sheree Zampino’s Net worth Figure?

According to several notable sources, Zampino estimated net worth is expected to be $6 million. However, it is less compared to her ex-husband Will Smith. As per Celebritynetworth, the legendary actor estimated net worth is around $350 million. Smith makes millions from his acting endeavors every year. The actor also makes $45 million between June 2019 and June 2020 via movie contracts and salaries.

However, Zampino has also made money from her reality shows and from her role as a presenter. The reality star is a businessman who has also handled an online business specializing in Women’s Wear & Fashion Accessories. Sheree Elizabeth is a fashion brand for entrepreneurs.

Moreover; she has been spotted wearing an expensive golden necklace and chain that is expected to be several hundreds of thousands of dollars She has reduced expenses as she is the model of her brands too.

Apart from this, she was the primary cast member of the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Season 12. Zampino made an appearance in sixteen episodes of the show. All of the contestants get paid to be on the RHOBH. However, the amount for each episode to different members of the show. So we expect that Zampino has earned a decent sum of money from her appearance in TRHOBH.

Sheree Zampino Salary and Assets Details

Sheree Zampino has also made income from the profession and her business deals too. She is the creator and founder of WHOOP ASH, which is a Body Butter product. WHOOP ASH Body Butter Cream – 8oz Family Size costs around $29.95, WHOOP ASH Body Butter Cream – 4oz Personal Size costs around $19.95, and WHOOP ASH Body Butter Cream – 2.6oz Travel Size cost around $16.95.

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They also sell WHOOP ASH mugs for the cost of $15.50, WHOOP ASH Unisex V-neck T-Shirt for a cost of around $36, and WHOOP ASH T-Shirts for a cost of around $28. People also collect bags, dresses, earrings, and sunglasses from her collection at the Sheree Elizabeth boutique. Analyzing her online website, she may make a husky amount of money from her business.

Sheree Zampino Career

Sheree Zampino has also been the host for Red Table Talk. Besides RHOBH, she will be back in the show. The businesswoman has also made an appearance as the guest host on Red Table Talk. She has also filled the talk show and sat alongside Gammy Norris and Jada Pinkett-Smith at the Talk Show for an episode in October.

Zampino could also be seen on the talk show in 2018 in the episode Motherhood. Later she arose in the 2020 sequel Red Table Recipes: Cooking for the Holidays. She was last seen in the episode Are You A Toxic Forgiver?