Taliban scholar, Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani, killed in a Kabul Bomb Attack

The important member of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani, was killed in a bombing. Since the Taliban’s return to power this year, Haqqani is the first prominent Taliban and religious figure to pass away in the nation.

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Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani murdered in the Kabul attack

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani, a well-known Taliban religious figure, was killed in a bombing at a seminary in Kabul, according to Taliban officials. The Taliban government’s spokesperson, Bilal Karimi, stated on Thursday that they were “very unfortunately told” that Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani, a respected cleric, had been killed in a brutal attack by opponents.

The militant organization ISIL (ISIS) took credit for the assault. According to four Taliban sources cited by Reuters, the assailant had previously lost a leg and had concealed the explosives in a plastic prosthetic limb. “We are looking into who this individual was and what drove him to this significant location to access Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani’s private office. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the group refers to its government, has suffered a very significant loss as a result, a top Taliban official from the interior ministry claimed.

According to the monitoring organization SITE, which translated a statement from ISIL, Haqqani was one of the most “prominent supporters for the Taliban and one of the biggest of them who incited to fight” ISIL. Haqqani was a well-known academic in the Taliban who had survived other assaults, including a big explosion in the northern Pakistani city of Peshawar in 2020 that the ISIL group had claimed responsibility for and that left at least seven people dead.


Several Taliban leaders posted condolences on social media. “You’ve taken care of your obligation. The Muslim community has been abandoned, but destiny cannot be stopped, tweeted Mobin Khan, a former Kabul police spokesman. The Taliban government was overthrown by an invasion spearheaded by the US after the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Taliban claimed to have restored security after regaining control a year ago.

Attacks on mosques and ethnic minorities have intensified recently by the group throughout Afghanistan. Two persons were killed in an attack on a Sikh temple in Kabul in June, which was claimed by ISKP as its own. The biggest security threat to Afghanistan’s Taliban regime is thought to be the ISIL offshoot, which has been present there since 2014.

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani Age, Family, Early Life

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani’s birth date and Zodiac sign are not known. He holds an Afghanistan Nationality and he belongs to a white ethnic group.

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani Taliban
Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani Taliban

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani has prohibited the media from knowing specifics about his family, therefore there are no details available.

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani Wife, What about his Relationship?

Rahimullah Haqqani seemed to marry and had children, but he chose to keep his wife and kids out of the public eye, thus little is known about them.

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani Career, What was his profession?

Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani was a significant religious and Taliban leader. The late Haqqani was renowned for his openness to the world media in addition to his considerable influence on the ruling group. He is well known for his vehement remarks and a recent commitment to the country’s right to education for girls. According to NDTV, Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani held no official positions within the Taliban or its present administration.

He exercised considerable influence over the group members, nevertheless. According to the BBC, he was a vocal opponent of the organizations that supported the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan. His presence signalled concern for the ISKP as a supporter and leading figure of the Taliban (ISIS-K). As a result, despite retaking control of Afghanistan a year ago, ISIS had been often attacking the nation.

The Afghan branch of ISIL has stepped up its attacks on mosques and ethnic minorities all around Afghanistan. The Taliban leadership is currently facing its greatest security challenge from the offshoot group, which has been present since 2014.

How much is Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani Net Worth?

It is impossible to estimate Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani’s net worth at the time of writing because no information about his earnings has been made public.

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Which school and college did he go to?

The name of the school Sheikh Rahimullah attended and the topic he studied, however, is unknown.

Is he available on any kind of social media platform?

Sheikh Rahimullah is active on Facebook.

Physical Appearance of Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani’s Height, Weight

HeightNot Available
Hair colourBlack and white
Eye colourBlack
WeightNot Available
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani’s should be known

Zodiac signNot Available
Relationship StatusSingle